July 29, 2014

What If Other DJ Controllers Had Built In Screens?

The evolution of modern DJ gear is actually quite nice to see.  The DJ industry itself is driven by many factors – some of the DJs out there look at it as a hobby, while others look at it as a profession.  It is actually the latter that drives the technology forward in a way that is commercial and not just a hack done at home.  However, we cannot overlook the fact that it is really the amateurs and hobbyists who take an idea and show that it can be worked into modern gear.  Adding screens to your DJ setup is a touchy subject, but many would agree that visual aids have changed the way we see DJing, no pun intended.

Screens as we know them are usually not the type that can be integrated into a mixer without a lot of work and a lot of cutting.  As screen technology improves we will begin to see lighter and more agile screen available on a consumer level.  These are small displays that weigh next to nothing.  They are so small that they can even be fit into buttons and pads while still keeping the original layout of the system the way it was.