August 7, 2014

PLX-1000 turntable — all the facts

Pioneer’s new PLX turntables has raised a lot of eyebrows but also some speculation as well.  Pioneer is not known for supporting the scratch and vinyl industry as much as others out there.  They are not Vestax in that sense.  If anyone has contributed to killing of turntables, it is indeed Pioneer.  Does this mean they are the wrong person to create the turntable once again?  Certainly not.  In fact, they are probably the only ones out there that can do it with style and keep it fresh at the same time.  Their PLX keeps many of the characteristics of the old Stanton STR-150’s and of course the Technics 1200.

Many people who scratch are away that looks alone do not really sell the entire story here.  The low torque of the 1200 series is something to be admired by many mix DJs, while the scratching world loves the extra low end torque that newer turntables have.  I, for one, would like the option to switch between OEM settings and new settings, but this doesn’t seem to be an option.  The high torque might be a bummer for those who expect their old slipmats to do a decent job of actually slipping when needed.