August 8, 2014

5 Things I Learned DJing In Public On An iPad For The First Time

When you make the decision to DJ with a tablet and a tablet alone, there are some unique factors that you must take into account before heading off to a gig with your iPad and few cables.  For one, hardware is still king and you must figure out how to integrate your setup into the existing hardware.  It would be nice if everything were to wireless and Bluetooth – but most venue are still setup to use plugs and cables.  Be prepared with this before you head to a gig with nothing in your gear bad, you will be sorry.

The gear you have is not as important as how accessible it is by the user.  This means that you can have a tablet and a controller in perfect tandem – but if you do not have it setup to where it is easily readable and accessible, then you do yourself a disservice.  Many times, this is the number one problem with a tablet.  It works find when you hold it with two hands, but when want to mount it somewhere or set it up, you have the problem of weird angles and stands that cannot handle repeated taps on the screen.