August 8, 2014

Bluffer’s Guide To Traktor’s Remix Decks, Part 1

Traktor remix decks are nothing short of incredible when you think about it.  Here, you have taken ideas that have been used for decades and whittled them down into one complete unit that takes the editing and production work out of the equation.  The premise is actually quite simple.  A standard DJ will mix from song to song at given points within each song.  DJs do this so well, that they actually have a collection of songs that mix well together; this is known as a set. Sometimes, the waiting part is boring to a DJ.  They usually have to wait until the right phrase or chorus to begin the actual mix.

Now, if you could take only the best parts of each song and have them ready to go – you could change the dimension of the mix.  You no longer have to progress in one direction, and you can just back and forth from each part of the song.  You can zoom in far enough to where you are actually just sampling small bit or you could zoom out and use the entire chorus.  The key is that remix decks make this easy to do.  The same can be done in a DAW, but not without a lot of preparation.