August 10, 2014

J Dilla’s Minimoog Going To The Smithsonian Museum

Is it safe to say that each form of music originated from a culture or group of peoples?  If you take the idea of rhythm and drums as far back as you can, this predates recorded history and stems off into branches where certain tribes of people used sound to communicate.  Obviously, if go far back enough the road will being somewhere in Africa.  It would be wrong to say that people of that decent have a disposition towards rhythm and music – but a large sample of musicians in all genres prove that heritage and music can go hand in hand.  While blue and jazz had its own roots, the root of rap music and hip-hop have effected both culture, art, and technology.

When a piece of synthesizer history gets tagged in a museum that pays tribute to African-American culture – many would feel that this is not out of place.  Sampling in rap music is so common place that it almost deserves its own historic tribute to those who originated this art form.  Before the age of sampling, music had to be composed traditionally.  Sampling made music production accessible to anyone with a good sense of sound and style.