August 10, 2014

Watch KORG’s littleBits Transformed into Badass Keytar

When examining the history of pop music and pop culture, some would say that the 90’s were the last great era of music, and I might agree.  The 90’s had this clearly defined style, and down to the clothing there were things that we would not be caught dead wearing today.  The music itself was sort of this transition from the hyped up 80’s style to something more laid back and alternative.  90’s rock music was sort of this backlash against the intense punk revival that occurred during the 80’s – and the same was felt for electronic music as well.

There were a few things that died out in the 80’s and 90’s that were actually pretty cool.  Instruments were constantly being invented in new and thoughtful ways.  Some of these creations were nothing more than a fad, but some, like the Keytar, still remain in our hearts today.  The keytar was a cross between a piano and a guitar, but was more like a performance piece to show the world how new and old could be blended together.  You will hardly see a keytar today, but this doesn’t prevent clever people from hacking on up.