August 10, 2014

Mad Zach on Collaboration

The role of a producer is always changing in the world of digital music and production.  A long time ago, producers were not responsible for actually making the track, they were more like a contractor who made sure that the work got done.  Today, producing can mean many things – from paying the bills to creating works of art.  With technology on our side, there is far less of a breaking point to where a kid can get into the industry.  Money and equipment are still necessary, but having skill and raw talent serves a greater role in the producer’s life.

In the rap world, producers can be everything.  They can create the music, sell the music, and even rap on a track with full credibility.  The key in the modern age is to combine the right mix of old and new techniques.  Sampling might be done using old methods – but putting the track together can actually be done using strictly computers.  Conversely, you could also record songs straight to tape and cut and paste everything if you so desired.  Apart from the logistical aspect of it all, the new age of producing breeds collaboration, and this is part of self-advancement as well.