August 19, 2014

Six Tips For Complete Beginner Digital DJs

MIDI controllers and digital DJing instruments were designed to make mixing music simpler for the beginner.  In theory, adding gear to your setup does not make the job of mixing music any easier – however, it does lessen the amount of gear and setup time that traditional DJs used to rely on.  Putting everything in just one spot means that there are no issues with one piece of gear communicating with another.  It also means that there is less to move around and less to carry.  The beginner DJ with this setup should focus on the basics of DJing above all else here.

This means that they should consider things that turntablists have worried about for some time.  The basics, such as understanding attention and misdirection using volume are still essential.  Since digital files are burned at different rates, it is also important to understand that quality tracks make a huge difference in how they will sound when blended.  Beat matching is can be done easier than it used to – but there is still no replacement for spending time getting familiar with how a track sounds, since not all of them have the same type of tone or given effect within a song.