August 19, 2014

Marc Houle How I Play Interview + Livid Prototype Controller

The term “DJ” is something that has changed in definition over the years, similar to the way the word “producer” has also changed.  Many DJs go on to become producers, while few producers actually go back to the world of DJing.  There is a third type of performer who sits in between those two categories, and has a hard time calling him or herself by either name.  Being able to beatmatch and mix music in a club is not a prerequisite of being a good music maker.  Performance does not have to rely on a balancing act of risk and skill either, only the end result is what matters here.

Today, performers will come on stage with all sorts of instruments.  Many do not need more than a laptop, a microphone, and a way to control sounds and beats.  Marc Houle is one of these performers.  He is armed with a rather large MIDI controller and samples until the cows come home – but this does not define what he actually is.  This does not make him a DJ with traditional skills, but it DOES make him a DJ in the sense that he is able to control how music is put forth to a crowd.