August 20, 2014

How to Prepare for Your First Festival Set

DJs have to contend with different types of people as well as different scenarios.  The key to being a good DJ is to be versatile and understand where you are at, at all times.  Many DJs begin their career with small house parties.  These can often be a hard lesson for many DJs who quickly learn that their job gets very little respect from the people that are closest to them.  They will learn things about dealing with drunk people asking for requests.  Once that DJ moves into a bigger scene, they will have to contend with people who are not their friends, such as managers and other DJs.

Let’s suppose that you eventually make a name for yourself and you have moved to a festival sized crowd.  The difference here is huge.  Not everybody at a festival is there to dance, and most likely – you are not the biggest act there.  In this case, you have to plan your sets accordingly – and sometimes this means knowing when to hold back and not let it all out.  Festival sets are usually much shorter than your average club set, and the people there might just be walking by rather than listening.