August 21, 2014

Akai’s New AFX and AMX Controllers

If you have just spent a thousand dollars on a nice DVS setup that comes complete with an external soundcard, I would look to sell that thing off quickly.  Traktor has had the biggest impact on the way typical DVS users look at their outdated soundcards.  They are bulky and expensive, and therefore much more work and hassle than a standard controller with the DVS already built in.  Pioneer is probably on the cutting edge when it comes to integrating everything in once piece – but that doesn’t mean other companies cannot do it better.  While Traktor does have some pretty neat gear out there, Akai has a lot of experience producing capable controllers – so it would make sense that they would want a piece of the pie as well.

Akai has just launched the AFX and AMX controllers, which take elements of the Z1 and X1 – yet their focus is not just on controllerists.  These bad boys have faders that are worth their weight, and even the option to drop in an aftermarket module if required.  The price is the best part – these are not budget end mixers, yet they are not as expensive as many of the all in one controllers.