August 22, 2014

Serato Flip

Serato is still looked at my many older DJs as the only true DVS out there that still retains some of what made turntable mixing difficult and fun.  Its entire design is centered on keeping the DJ’s ritual intact while giving them modern options of mixing and controlling their music as well.  Today, Serato is sort of caught between many ideas of what a DJ should be.  Yes, they have added a sync button that automatically lines up the tempos of different songs, and yes they have also added many more FX that they once refused to add.  If you look at it from a business standpoint, it is clear why they have made these changes.

Adapt or die is the philosophy of just about every tech company out there, and Serato is no different.  They have expanded their DVS to include fun, but unnecessary features – but this seems to be the way of any new DJ product out there.  It has to captivate the sense of fun in an individual – but it has to also be acceptable for the DJs who have been around longer.  Their new Flip features is sure to raise eyebrows and well as a few comments from the peanut gallery.