August 22, 2014

Launchpad for iPhone

I am not one to take a music production app on a smartphone too seriously.  There are just too many issues with it up front and I can see myself struggling to do what I want it to do.  On a phone of any type, programs need to be simplified in order to be useful.  This is very apparent when you try to visit the desktop version of a website from your phone.  Buttons are hard to find and text is hard to read unless zoomed in far.  Zoom in too far and the rest of the page becomes forgettable.  Most DAWs that are used on a computer are packed full of buttons and functions – when you dumb this down to a mobile version, you begin to lose the qualities that make it workable.

Reason’s Figure app was fun for a small while, as well as every other drum app out there.  While these are great for the bathroom or downtime at school, they aren’t the best thing to use when you are trying to create serious music.  In fact, they should be avoided.  Launchpad on your iPhone sounds fun, but I wouldn’t consider it unless that same setup was reflected on my computer system.