August 22, 2014

Traxsource and AudioLock

The digital word brings all sort of problems to other previously existing entities and systems that have been in place before it.  Theft is probably the hardest type of problem that we currently must deal with.  Because data now exists in a virtual form, getting access to it is easier than ever.  Copying and defrauding is also just as easy.  If you have ever watched old movies about art heists – remember how much effort was put into making a clean getaway.  Not only did they often have to employ acrobatics to steal the piece, they had to replace it with a decent lookalike.  When digital information is stole, there are often no traces it being gone, other than the obvious break in.

Because must has never existed tangibly, it offers the biggest challenge of all.  On one hand, you can change formats of music so that it can only be accessed by the proper tools – but this also makes like of the bigger problem here; that is, we all want our music to be enjoyed by everyone on any level.  How do make music accessible, while also making it inaccessible to thieves?  This question is basically never ending in the world that we live in.