August 23, 2014

Mini Innofader inside a Pioneer DJM-T1

While many can agree on the looks of a mixer or its innate functionality, few will agree on it touch or feel.  The best example that comes to my head, is that of the skateboarder who borrows someone else’s skateboard.  On the outside, each deck looks the same and they serve the same purpose.  However, the actual riding feel of the board is subjective.  Some board will feel wide and loose, while others might feel as if the board is too narrow to work with.  With some adjustment, you always get used to it – but that comfort level is just not there.

This is analogous to how many would feel using another person’s mixer to scratch with.  They instantly realize that the feeling of each mixer is quite different.  While you can adjust speed and power, you are never quite sure of where you stand with this mixer.  The Innofader has changed the game for DJs, and mixer companies either love them or hate them for it.  If the mixer is perfect, except for the fader – then your business might be kind to Innofader.  However, if Rane loses customers because their magnetic fader is no longer choice product, then sure – why give Innofader any room to grow?