August 25, 2014

5 Highly Useful DJ Tools (That Have Nothing To Do With Music)

You can imagine that fear in the hearts of young DJs who show up to their very first event.  They may have spent ten times the amount of time practicing, for only a small performance.  They do this because they want to prepare for the worst, just as any DJ would.  However, nothing will actually prepare them for the true logistics of a full-fledged party.  Things getting out of hand or going out of control is what we traditionally equate to having a good time.  However, when you are the owner of the club it is your duty to make sure that things do not get out of hand.

Security is something that is overlooked at most house parties, yet is a necessity at all clubs.  Nothing is worse than some drunk girl attacking you because of your music choice, nor is the drunk guy spilling beer over your decks.  Having some sort of flashlight or light source to navigate through your gear is pretty essential – even if you never have to use it as part of your kit.  Party favors are really up to you.  You can come with as little as a disco ball, just make sure that your mixing is tight.