August 26, 2014

Is Live Remixing The Future Of DJing?

There used to be this feeling in the DJing industry that good enough was good enough.  When a club owner hires a DJ, they want to maximize the crowd interest – while minimizing costs.  One method to this is to hire newer DJs with little experience and hope that the crowd is sufficiently satisfied with the night.  If that DJ were only slightly more experienced, would he or she be worth extra pay?  DJs who have tried to do their own thing at clubs have learned the hard way that there is an unspoken format that tends to be followed.  Deviating from it can have bad results.

With that dynamic already setup, how does an intermediate DJ expand their reputation while still being able to have creativity behind the decks?  The answer is to be slick about things that you do differently.  Instead of changing that type of music that is played, you can change the methods that are used to mix.  This will buy you some credibility for having mixing skills, while not losing the popular crowd that we must cater to at the same time.  The smart DJ knows that creativity is possible within boundaries – it just takes more work.