August 26, 2014

Your Questions: Is It Time to Give Up DJing?

Most of the things that we enjoy doing have a limit to how fun they actually are.  Painting pictures is fun if there is no reason for doing it other than having fun.  When you are asked to build a specific picture in a set amount of time, the pressure changes the way you think of your job.  The same goes for anybody who has excelled in anything.  As soon as you make a job out of it, you take away the spontaneity that made it so attractive in the beginning.  DJing is tricky, because ultimately DJing is meant to be a job.

People buy thousands of dollars’ worth of gear with this unspoken agreement to themselves that maybe they can make some of that money back or more.  Some even train only to become this type of DJ and do amazingly well at it.  But ALL DJs have found themselves hitting the wall when it becomes more work that it is actually worth.  The best remedy to getting burned out is to step back and take break from the decks.  Spend some time watching other DJs for inspiration and hopefully it puts some charm back into the act of DJing.