August 26, 2014

Wireless Headphones & Speakers For DJing?

Imagine DJing or producing music without having to need wires attached.  It doesn’t sound too impossible since all of those devices already exist for other purposes.  Having a Serato box inside of your mixer frees you from needing to have 8 extra wires running around.  Those who stepped up to a TTM-57 back when it was king understand how less wires actually makes your life a bit easier.  Still, there are wires that are unavoidable.  Your mixer and decks still need power and they still need to communicate with your laptop or computer.  Probably the most useful idea that has come around is a wireless solution for headphones.

Although headphone wires aren’t that bad these days, it can still be an annoyance to the DJ because they have to move around often.  I can’t tell you how many times I have yanked the cord from the mixer because I was in a hurry to reach something else.  The problem with wireless hasn’t changed in ages though.  The speed at which information is sent is noticeably slower than a wired system.  If your cueing track lags by only a small amount, it completely ruins a mix.  DJs are weary of this.