August 27, 2014

Fund My First DJ Set-Up

Learning how to DJ at home with nothing except a computer and some time does not have to cost you anything.  Someone might even say that DJing can make money from virtually nothing, as long as you own some basic gear.  This usually happens when a DJ opts to take small gigs at various venues, building their resume as they move along in the industry.  However, there are also DJs who would much rather be the host of their own event.  Instead of having to play a certain style for a given club, they can play whatever they please.  If you choose to go this method, there are many roadblocks ahead.

The primary thing that will stop you in your tracks is cost.  Parties cost money to throw.  You might be lucky enough to recoup most of that money with ticket or drink sales, but you must pay the money up front.  The trick here is to have a good enough pitch to a partner who might take you seriously.  Perhaps they would lend some money to finance the operation, in exchange for a percentage on the return.  If you are starting form complete scratch, consider renting gear as well.