August 27, 2014

The power of a trash can ending

Stage performers of all types know a few things about performing that many professional DJs have yet to learn.  They employ various techniques to create impressions that are not there or perhaps to highlight certain facts over others.  Bands who have played live know all about these subtle tricks and how to control the mood of a crowd – if they showed up to a concert and are only playing 1 song, then you know they are going to be playing a hit.  But if they are playing a 4 hour show, there is going to be a certain type of flow within the show.  They might mix in some oldies with some classics, and they will certainly let you know when it is time to clap.

Setting the energy flow at a concert is very important and almost always predictable.  Usually, a big bang ending is necessary, and there are methods that clue the audience into this fact as well.  They see the drummer or guitarist go off and do a solo, and then want to stand up and clap – because the show is about to be over.  Encores are also part of the experience, where the audience basically calls the performer back on stage again.