August 28, 2014

Ditch the pre-show performance jitters

Performing is an art that changes as long as it is progressing.  There are many ways that a person can perform these days, and strange new performances are being created all the time, just for the sake of art.  One thing that has not changed about live performances is how the performer controls their emotions on stage.  Any kid who has to stand in front of a huge audience knows what it feels like to have some sort of fright.  This could be genuine fright of being in front of people, or it could have something to do with their lack of study for the performance in hand.

From a young age, people learn how to control their nervousness on stage.  They can do a great job by simply being very prepared for the job, or they can actually allow the eye watching them to encourage a good performance.  People have their own way of adjusting to this, but having the right mindset for this all certainly will help.  The DJs’ best friend is having enough practice and thought before getting up on stage.  Having skills is important, but understanding the music you are working with is paramount.