DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
July 29, 2011

Vestax PAD-One In Action



We first saw the Vestax PAD-One at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim earlier this year.  We marveled at it’s sturdy construction, compact size, x-y touch pad, and most of all it’s 12 dual led lit highly responsive drum pads.  We couldn’t wait to try it out ourselves here in our studio.  It finally arrived and we were eager to get our drum-on, but what are we going to use it with?  The obvious was with any drum software, but that was too easy.  We wanted to use it with DJ software.  Luckily our resident marketing manager, Ariff Glick, was up to the task yet again of mapping a cool .tsi file for us to use the PAD-One with Traktor Pro 2.  The results were magnificent.

The Goods

The first thing you notice about the PAD-One is the size and construction.  It has a die-cast aluminum body which gives the controller some good weight and gives you confidence when really beating on the pads.  Next is the groovy X-Y touch pad used for performance style play.  You have corresponding roll, chromatic, and xy hold buttons above the touch pad, a tap button for real time tempo adjustments, a bank button to select from 4 banks, a hold button for the drum pads, and a set button to execute changes in midi channel, note, velocity, and cc on each pad.  Finally, there is a rotary dial and an edit button on the upper right of the controller.

The Pads

By far the drum pads themselves is what really sets this controller apart from the rest.  The rubber feels good and the pads respond accurately to even the most intricate drum rhythms and rolls.  They are also dual lit in green and red to distinguish whatever feature or function you have assigned.  Having 12 pads on the controller also allows for some versatility in your layout without occupying too much space.  With 4 banks 12 pads per bank there are a total of 48 different functions you can apply from the pads alone, and then some if you change the values on the pads.  Brilliant, especially for such a compact controller.

The Verdict

The Pad-One is USB bus powered but can also be used via midi (adapter included) with an external keyboard or drum machine as long as you use an optional DC adapter.  Overall it is definitely a useful and versatile pad controller for any application.  I personally would like to see a few more rotary knobs on a controller, but using the X-Y pad in performance makes up for it’s lack of knobs.  The pads feel great and the construction and size of the Pad-One truly make it on of the best in the market.

The Mapping (by Ariff)

So to start off all the values for each pad had to be set to a unique value. Since there are 4 Banks with 12 pads on each Bank, that gives us 48 individual values. I set the PAD-One as followed going left to right, first row then second:

Bank A: Pad values 1-12

Bank B: Pad values 13-24

Bank C: Pad values 25-36

Bank D: Pad values 37-48

Here’s how the mapping is set up:

  • The first pad on each Bank has been assigned as the “shift” button. This allows the remaining 11 pads to have a secondary function.
  • Pads 2-6  on each Bank are your cues: When shift is held down then each cue can be deleted.
  • Pads 7-9 on each Bank is your Transport section: Sync, Cue, Play. I will go into second function soon!
  • Pads 10-12 are your loop functions: Loop On/Off, Decrease Loop Size, Increase Loop Size.
  • Pads 7-12 are your effects buttons, when Shift is held.

Here’s how you can use the effects:

  • Activate your “Hold” button, a light will indicate it is ON.
  • Press the “Shift” button, it will remain lit orange.
  • When “Shift” is ON, you are able to turn your effects on and off by pressing the pads. Pads 7-9 are your 1st set of effects, and Pads 10-12 are your 2nd set of effects.
  • While the “Shift” button is ON, and an effect is ON, you are able to change the parameter of the effect by using the XY Pad.
    • Move your finger Left and Right to control effects 1-3
    • Move your finger Up and Down to control effects 4-6
  • While the “Shift” button is OFF, and an effect is ON, you are able to change the wet/dry of the effect by using the XY Pad.
    • Move your finger Up and Down to control effects 1-3
    • Move your finger Left and Right to control effects 4-6

That’s pretty much it, you can get real silky with this mapping and I hope you like it. The download for it can be found below.

UniqueSquared Pad One Mapping


Video Transcript:

What is going on yall? This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip here with to check out a brilliant controller from Vestax, the Vestax PAD-One.

Alright, so there are a lot of drum controllers out there, but very few on the market are as cool as the Vestax PAD-One.

Now, first off you’ve got his die cast aluminum chassis. It’s very rugged, a little bit heavier than some of the other controllers out there.

You’ve got this XY axis touchpad that allows you to control different things, whether it’s effects, or sweeps, or filters. You can assign almost anything to that XY axis.

Alright, you also have twelve velocity sensitive pads. Now these are very accurate, they feel really good when you’re playing through some of your drum kits, or even cueing some of your loops, turning on and off effects, really nice.

Since it is a drum pad controller, you’ve got three buttons on here which are associated more with, if you’re using it for drumming.

You’ve got a roll pad, a chromatic pad, and also for an XY hold. That way if you apply one of these rolls, you can hit the hold button, so you can continue to apply that roll.

You can also use the chromatic button to go up and down your scale, 16th, 32nd, 8th, 4th, what have you. That’s really nice to have.

Conveniently you also have a tap tempo button, this can be used for many different things, but of course the tap tempo button allows you to speed up or slow down the track in real time.

You have four different banks to select from, select that there.

You also have a hold button, so if you have some of these effects or some of these functions where you want to hold that down, you don’t have to sit there and keep pressing the button, you can use the hold button for that.

You also have your note set, your velocity set, and also your CC set. Those are all MIDI functions, if you’re familiar with MIDI, you can select those right there as well as changing from your XY effects on the axis.

You’ve got this nice little scrolling jog so that you can go assign any of your channels, any values you might have. And you also have an edit button, hitting that button allows you to go in, you can assign that to some of the edit features within any of your functions.

You hit that and you can go ahead and turn mutes on, mutes off. Whatever you assign that, you can assign it to the edit button.

So overall, a very useful controller. You can use it with a number of DAWs, production software, or even DJ softwares, with great success. Really good, sensitive, very responsive, the Vestax PAD-One, it’s really awesome.

So Ariff, the renegade master with the mappings lately, put together a pretty cool mapping for the Vestax PAD-One and Traktor Pro 2.

So I have got the first row mapped to; a shift button, and then all of my cues. But I’ve got five different cue points there, If I want to get rid of something I just hit the shift button, and then I can get rid of the second cue.

So if I want to put another cue on that rock, all I have to do is hit 2, and I’m in there. So for the bottom row, this is going to be my transport section with my shift disabled.

I have got my sync button, I’ve got my cue, and then I’ve got my play right here. So, the next buttons are going to be my loop on and off, and then my loop select.

Now here’s where we get a little bit crazy with the mapping. So if I want to get into my effects, as you can see I like to do chained effects on 1 and 2.

If I want to start manipulating those effects, I hit the shift button here, and then my hold button.

Now, what that’s going to do is it’s going to make this my effects section. I can turn on my effects on effect one there, one, two, three, and then the next set is going to be effect 2 on and off.

So if I have this effect selected, I can actually use the XY axis.

Now if I want to turn the dry wet up and down, what I’m going to do is I’m going to deactivate the shift and then I can go and control the amount of that effect right there.

Let’s check out how it all sounds put together.

Pretty cool, nifty. PAD-One, Traktor Pro 2, pretty nice. You guys can check out the mapping we’re going to have it within the comments, go to the blog and download it.

This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip. Be you, be unique, at


  1. darrell waites says:

    would map it like you did

  2. MykroBeatz says:

    Thats a pretty awesome lil controller. The XY pad is really whats interesting for me.. Oscillating effects for live play is where its at!
    I might have to pick one of these up when tax time comes around, or maybe I can buy myself a christmas present

  3. Nalane Singh says:

    I would map it the same way as Ariff then once I practice on it and get the hang of it I will get creative and try out different ways to map it.

  4. Burke says:

    Simply put, I would map this puppy to give female’s ear-gasms and explode faces.

  5. Mihaly,Stojka says:

    XY pad wooow thats what im loking for…That small controller could really works with an other Traktor controller just like an additional cue section…WHAT A HIP-HOP PARTY :D And if it just not enough you can make your own beats everywhere because that thing almost fit to my pockets :) I need one!!

  6. Dave Meyer says:

    Oh how could I not map it? First, I would use the banks individually within Virtual Dj Pro. Bank A top row would be used to assign cue positions while the bottom row would be used to action hot cues. Bank B top row would be used for effects combined with the use of the XY pad for triggering dry/wet/velocity/etc characteristics. The bottom row would also be used for mix out effects (backspin/brake/flangeout/etc). Bank C top row would be for Loop functions, using right to left 16 count, 8 count, etc… I would use the bottom row for beat roll effects on the loops.
    Secondly, I could use this with ableton to cue samples/cues over dj/live mixes. The XY would allow me to tweak the settings on many of the plugins available. The hold button would be great, allowing me to hold a setting and having it reset upon release. This is a cool looking piece of kit that can only enhance any performers capabilities.

  7. Roger Huff says:

    I have a ton of freeware VST’s that I would love to experiment with using a controller that differs from a keyboard (I’m using an Arturia AFE at present which has neither drum pads or an X/Y pad).

  8. rafael says:

    Looks swweet may even get one to replace my trigger finger lol

  9. Cristiano says:

    I’ll learn how to map when that one comes to my hands

  10. Ion says:

    It’s so simple and cool at first watch!

  11. Christian Griffin says:

    Hook this up to my new MacBook and my fast track pro and create some beats.

  12. Seanol says:

    i would map it as two decks, deck A on the top row of pads, deck B on the bottom row. The first 4 would be cue points in the song. Then the remaining two would be 1 for pause/play and the other for a load to button. I would scroll thorough my tracks with the knob on top, use the “load to” button to load the selected track to the deck and use the 4 cue points to beat juggle, or just play a song where i was to star it as. As for the pad and top buttons, i would have one chained and one detailed effects rack. The top buttons would turn those on/off and the x/y would control dry/wet values. BAM!

  13. Kevin Liu says:

    Map it to cut up a song.

  14. Nicolas Saavedra says:

    I would like ti to be mapped that each pad could work as a CUE, also that the FX work with the XY pad. That wil be fun!!!

  15. Helluvah says:

    Here’s how I mapped this bad boy with Traktor PRO2:

    Since I have a Typhoon in my setup, so in order for my pad-one not interfering with the midi notes from other controllers, first, I have EDIT/set my pad-one to Ch16 for all 4 banks.

    then, I have my XY pad to control on/off and amounts for gater and overdrive.
    1.) pad 4,5,6 and 10,11,12 are set/play hotcues for Deck A.
    2.) pad 3 and 9 are shift keys:
    when 3 is pressed, 1.) will become delete hotcues for Deck A.
    when 9 is pressed, 1.) will be set/play hotcues for Deck B.
    when 3 and 9 are pressed, 1.) will become delete hotcues for Deck B.
    3.) pad 1,2 and 7,8 for FXs on/off and amounts (will require to EDIT/set the CC values for these 4 pads first)

  16. Angel Yi says:

    Using traktor, I would map Bank A to have my cue points in the top half for deck A and then my cue points for deck B in the bottom half. I would use Bank B to hold my “one-shot” samples like vocals and hits. I see Bank C controlling some effects and not too sure about Bank D, but throw those on top of the pad roll features on the side and I can really fine tweak my live sets with cool effects. I definitely would love one of these added to my kit :)

  17. Andrew says:

    I think it’s pretty unrealistic to replace a full featured controller entirely with a single pad controller. That’s why I have mapped my akai lpd8 to be a secondary, supplementary controller. I realized it would open more options that way. I mapped my bottom knobs to be toggle modifiers (shift) in cc mode, so that i can activate other “modes” in traktor. I divided the tracks up horizontally, or as we learned in elementary school, “hotdog style.” Since I’m limited in characters and time, I’ll just name you the different modes I have mapped: chained effects mode, advanced effects mode, juggle mode, super juggle mode 1, super juggle mode2, and finally, the sample mode. super juggling is a secret technique I’m developing. When I have some more time, I’ll gladly share it with you guys.

  18. Zarif R says:

    great review. seems like a great addition to my Dj equipment for remixes!!!

  19. Redskyy says:

    Can u use that pay w just the sample decks on T2

  20. lokey says:

    can the pad one receive midi input to control the button leds?

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! We strive to inform as well as connect with our readers. Please let us know if there is any thing else we can do to help. Cheers!

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