DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
July 22, 2011

Numark iDJ Live and Direct!


When I first saw the Numark iDJ Live at Winter NAMM earlier this year it took every ounce of my Kung Fu to give it any serious consideration.  How could Numark release such a novelty item after having recently released some of the most technologically advanced DJ gear in the past year?  Well, I have to say after having an opportunity to demo it here in our studio that I am very impressed.  It was very easy to set-up, had a very clean lay out, and most of all it was a lot of fun to use.

The iDJ Live is a DJ controller that you use with the Algoriddim DJ application on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone utilizing tracks from your iTunes library.  You have a slick layout complete with rotating turntables, transport section with cue and sync, pitch bend, channel faders, cross-fader, and waveforms.  It also gives you the ability to set loops, cue points and a neat Bounce Loop feature that is likened to the popular loop roll in other DJ software.  You even have the ability to record your mixes so you can share them or burn to CD.  The software in itself is a lot of fun, but controlling it with the iDJ Live takes it to another level.

Set up

I used an iPad for the demo and propped it up with the included stand.  Also included was an 1/8″ stereo adapter that conveniently splits the master and monitor outs.  After I set my output levels and cross-fader curve in the software I was ready to mix.


  • Browsing through tracks was definitely easy and similar to most controllers on the market.
  • I did appreciate the ease of cuing each track automatically by moving the cross-fader to the playing deck and it was pretty easy to set loops and cues albeit on the iPad and not directly on the controller.
  • The jog wheels responded exceptionally well and the auto-cut feature on the cross-fader actually allowed for a decent scratch.
  • By far my favorite feature is the Bounce Loop.  It allows you to loop in very small increments while the track itself continues to play so you can apply neat, glitchy effects during play or transition.

The Rub

Overall the iDJ Live is definitely a great introduction to DJing with a very tactile layout, lightweight portability, and very capable software application in Algoriddim.  Is this the first choice for the touring elitist DJs in the world?  Probably not, but it is definitely a cool way to mix or scratch for anyone at any skill level.  I’ll probably use mine mostly when I travel so I can develop sets on the plane.  Check out the video below and until next time happy gigs!

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up? This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip here with and today we’re going to check out the Numark iDJ Live controller.

Very cool controller that you’re going to use with your iPad 1 or 2, your iPhone or your iPod touch to control DJ software. Let’s check it out.

Alright, so right out of the box you can see that it’s a very light portable design. It’s going to emulate a lot of the controllers we’ve reviewed here at UniqueSquared, in being that you’ve got your jog wheels, you’ve got your crossfader section.

You’ve got a bass and treble EQ on the controller as well as a browse section and a couple of like plus/minus pitch adjusts for your nudging.

Now let’s talk about the software, this is going to be something you use with Algorithm DJ software that you can download from the app store for maybe twenty bucks or so. Very cool software.

I’m going to go ahead and go through some of the features on here that you probably wouldn’t expect to have in an iPhone or iPad software.

You have the ability to set three different cue points on here. That’s very handy to be fast and get exactly where you want to go.

First of all, you have control of pitch, you have control of selecting your tracks using your browse section. And you also have this section where you can go through and adjust EQ low, mid, and high, and gain.

So that’s going to be a little bit more than you can do on the controller.

Also you have an advanced loop section where you can assign your auto loop to like, two beat, four, sixteen. You also have your manual in/out loop. Then you also have your bounce loop effect.

This is like a loop roll, very cool to have on here, there’s a lot of professional softwares out there that don’t even have that function.

You also have your section here where you can do all of your adjusting for your master volume, the manner in which you change the crossfader, your cueing section and your cueing volume.

It’s also going to come with this cool stand right here and also this cable that you can run ⅛ inch out of your device so you can send one to your master and then also an adapter jack so you can use your headphones.

Ok, so let’s get in the mix. Now, the Algoriddim software is really nice, it’s a stand alone software that you can use on your device.

You can actually mix without even using a controller, it’s kind of nice, but the controller gives you more of a tacked off feel, it’s really good. So you’ve got the two turntables, you’ve got your waveforms up here.

You’re volume control of each channel, and your pitch and kind of your sync here as well.

Now, what I like about this is the way that the headphone cue works.

You’ll see that if I’ve got the crossfader on the left side, then the right side cue is going to automatically give me the cue of that side, and vice versa on the other side.

That’s really nice that I don’t have to go and fumble through cue buttons. Alright, so let’s get started with this mix. Pretty nice, I can go into here and I can adjust my EQs, set my loops here.

So I’ll go ahead and set that loop, come back out and get my next track ready. Now what I did was, I set a cue point for the very beginning of this track, so I can hit that button and it will put the cue right on.

Pretty easy mix, you know, very basic. But it’s really easy to, you know, just kind of bring the tracks in slow. You can get really crafty with it as well.

You know, that bounce loop feature is really nice. As I said before, the track will continue to go even when you hit the loop. Really cool. So you can get kind of a glitchy feel.

You know, you don’t really expect that kind of feature to be on an iPhone app, but it’s really nice to have it. So you know, if you’re on the go and you’ve got that itch that you want to scratch.

The iDJ Live is perfect for you. All you need is your music and your swagger and you can bring it. This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip from Be you, be unique, at


  1. Cristiano says:

    I really loved the portability, that make easy to create a professional party anywhere

  2. DJ Doc says:

    Unreal just how much more portable all this equipment is getting. Yes, there are still many who prefer the feel of actual vinyl under their hands, but this just makes things so damn easy. Who’d-a-thunk you’d have the ability to DJ with an iPhone. This leads me to think that it’s not too much of a stretch to predict that there will be some form of adapter that makes it compatible with Android-based devices. This may represent cloud DJing at its most accessible yet!

  3. Nick R. says:

    I guess if you already have an iOS product and you wanna do some light mixing, this would probably fly. I couldn’t see myself purchasing this though as a solid investment.

  4. Josh F says:

    i love the Loop roll ! its a great way to stutter music and give your music flare and swagger ! its also a good way to build up drops ! (:

  5. Albert Villa says:

    The cool thing about the iDJ Live is that its very portable and seems that you can take it almost anywhere. It looks to be awesome for parties and small gatherings as well. The features that are added onto the controller itself seem to be the standard and very simple to use. Overall I believe it would definitely bring attention to anyone who wants to mix live at any moment in time with just a simple setup and a creative mind.

  6. MikeB says:

    Its a pretty cool little controller, but I wish it wasn’t limited to iProducts!

  7. T. Meyers II says:

    Definitely the portability is a major plus, and pretty straight forward to set up your music, I personally love the fact that it can be used with Iphone,Ipad, Etc. This would be perfect for mixes on the go because even though it may not have the power of real tables, at times this can really be handy more than anything, and this product would even allow you to mix top notch quality tracks from your Iphone, this is genius. Whether you have tons of equipment already, the simple fact how portable this is should be a must buy for any serious DJ, Producer, even artist especially if you have an Iphone,Ipad,Etc.

  8. brent says:

    Looks like a cool, portable introduction for aspiring djs.

  9. Christian Griffin says:

    Sweet Setup! Portability is a plus. I will be the king of House Parties!

  10. Brian says:

    Its not that big and that is a good thing sometimes, but my favorite would be that it gives feel to djay and with a aging touch screen you cant beat that.

  11. Nicolas Saavedra says:

    It is really nice that you can dj everywhere! and don’t have to carry your big gear, you can party everywhere, even if you don’t have huge speakers! just have fun with your friends

  12. Angel Yi says:

    Being a iPad user and aspiring DJ, I think the iDJ live setup would be a great beginner’s product for people who don’t want to spend too much on equipment. Additionally, I see this as an affordable alternative to the traditional turntable setup for intermediate and professional djs. This could definitely rock a small house party, or as a practice tool when you don’t want to crank out the big stuff. This would definitely be worth the investment for me and other djs alike.

  13. Erik says:

    My favorite feature is the app’s integration with the iTunes library and the songs on the iPad. I have always dreamed of being able to do this. Imagine you’re at the club and your laptop crashes, the cdj’s stop working, the crossfader on the house mixer breaks, needles go out, and the turntables stop working. You’ve got your iPad with you to play for the crowd to keep the night going. Though it’s a simple application of the djing idiom, at this point, there can only be improvements.

  14. David DJclassic says:

    OMG!!!! I already use my IPad as a backup and a sound generator when I DJ, but this is sic! Off the hook! Totally awesome! I can see this set up next to my system now!

  15. Kevin Liu says:

    I reckon the best feature is how portable this is. It also sorta looks like the ion discovery dj which was a cheap way of introducing beginners into djing. This would be perfect for a less serious gig at a friend’s party but not for clubs.

  16. AJ says:

    Received on Friday from UniqueSquared and the best feature of the iDJ is its size. In combination with my iPhone 4 and iMainGo X this truly is a fun combination.

  17. Gheorghe says:

    Amazing clip and cool gadget! The “i” is a problem… for me!

  18. Indeed! Good piece, keep up the great operate. This could be the type of data that should really gain recognition for it is craft.

  19. Zarif R says:

    great piece of equipment…very portable and easy to use..Ipad, Iphone.

  20. assubemible says:

    The essay is very wonderful. Thanks for the sharing. Hope the author can update it often.


  21. What a splendid article! Thanks for the sharing. Waiting for your updating constantly.

  22. azwar nazli says:

    is the same to ion discover dj unit?

    1. Practically, but it comes with an iPad stand and the cables for output/headphone monitoring.

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