DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
August 5, 2011

DJ MadFlip’s Top 4 DJ Headphones

Headphones to a DJ are like a lightsaber to a Jedi Knight. Well, maybe a Jedi doesn’t have to replace his or her lightsaber every year or two. Anyway, I get asked often which DJ headphones I prefer based on aesthetics, performance, durability, and pricing. Here are my top 4 that meet all criteria.

1.  Beats Pro – Monster Beats by Dre

Beats Pro

These headphones are like that fine Italian leather couch that your rich friend has that you would never, ever buy yourself but always love sitting on when your at their house. The Beats Pro by Dr. Dre headphones are the pinnacle of sound and comfort. They weigh in at a beefy 15oz and are constructed with lightweight aluminum for max durability and longevity. They feature folding ear cups and gorgeous plush leather ear cushions that are even washable.  They have excellent gain, clarity and superior isolation which is what you expect from Monster. It has a detachable headphone cable that you can attach to either ear piece to suit your preference and you can also daisy chain multiple Beats Pros for those elaborate tag team sets. They are definitely a pretty penny with a price tag of close to $400 but whether you choose them in black or white you will look like a million bucks.

2.  XD-53 – Allen & Heath

Xone XD-53

The XD-53 headphones by Allen & Heath follow the traditional DJ aesthetic with a sleek silver on black techno look with rotating earpieces and a reinforced metal headband. They weigh-in at 11oz and have the top-shelf quality and construction of Allen & Heath’s “flagship” DJ headphones. What really separates these cans is the 53mm driver which delivers MASSIVE output volume, booming bass, and pristine clarity. The “danger zone” where most headphones break at the swivel point is very strong and the cups are very comfortable and isolate audio quite well. There are few DJ headphones on the market that rival these in quality and performance. They come in at around $200 and are well worth it.

3.  SRH750DJ – Shure

Shure enters the DJ game with the sexy SRH750DJ headphones. Known widely for their microphones, Shure has always had a foot in the DJ market with the acclaimed M44-7 turntablist cartridges. They also sport the traditional DJ aesthetic with the brushed silver detail on the ear cups and “danger zone” areas. Even at a lean weigh-in of 8oz they maintain Shure’s quality and rugged durability without compromising comfort with an extra wide head band and soft replaceable ear pads. It comes with a coiled detachable cable with a gold plated tip. There is 90 degrees of swivel in the ear pads which is nice if you want to boost volume and open ear monitor. The 50mm driver also ensures great volume with crisp highs and nice sustained bass response. These are definitely your upper mid-range headphones pricing at around $150 and should feasibly have twice the lifespan of other headphones in this price range and lower.

4.  HDJ-500 – Pioneer

HDJ-500 in Red

Pioneer has arguably been the industry standard in DJ mixers and CD players for decades and the HDJ-500 headphones aim to continue their tradition of excellence. These are considered the little brother to the HDJ-2000 with a similar look and a lot less lofty price tag. These are very light headphones weighing in at 7oz and are very comfortable for prolonged use on your ears. They have a clean, futuristic design and are available in red, white, or black with silver trim. The ear cups don’t swivel, but the right earpiece does rotate forward and backward to easily suit your preference for monitoring. The cups are also a bit smaller than other DJ headphones, which is becoming a trend I might add, but they still pack a punch with a 40mm driver delivering solid output volume. Overall the HDJ-500′s stand out because they are lightweight, they look amazing and they perform well in the trenches. The come in at around $100 which is a perfect place to start or even upgrade.

The DJ headphone universe is vast and widely filled with numerous choices but these are definitely my favorite in the mid to upper level range. Please visit our website for in-depth specs on these and many others. Until next time, happy gigs!


Hi, this is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip with Now, I often get asked, which are my favorite headphones, which ones should I choose based on performance, durability, comfort, as well as pricing?
Well, we’re going to take a look at four of my favorites.
First, we’ve got the Beats Pro by Monster, Beats by Dre. These are constructed with die cast aluminum, you also have very, very silky, plush leather. They are super, super comfortable.
Now, they’ve got incredible performance, gain, isolation, and comfort which is what you expect from Monster.
These are going to come with a detachable headphone cable which you can attach on either side. You can also daisy chain multiple sets of these for those really elaborate tag team sets.
Now, some of you guys out there might not consider these traditional DJ headphones, but they score highest for me based on look, comfort, and performance alone.
So, they work really, really well for me. They’ve got a really high price tag, but whether you choose them in white or black, you’re going to look like a million bucks.
Next is the Allen & Heath XD 53 headphones. These follow a very traditional DJ aesthetic of like, silver and black. These do not have a detachable headphone cable.
They do give you ninety degrees of rotation for monitoring. Kind of a reinforced, good steel headband here, and also looking good here at the danger zone, where most of them break.
Now these are going to give you incredible gain, 53mm driver for very thick bass and crispy highs. Perfect for those high volume environments in a nightclub.
Now, these are going to be less that the Beats Pro but let me tell you, they’re very much worth it.
The Shure SRH750 DJs are the blue collar workhorse of the bunch. They follow typical DJ aesthetic of brush chrome on black. They also have a detachable cable with a gold tip.
Now, they maintain Shure’s quality and rugged durability with an extra wide headband, and also replaceable ear pads.
Now, this is going to give you ninety degrees of rotation for versatile open ear monitoring and a 50mm driver ensures great volume and quality.
Now these headphones are probably going to give you twice the lifespan of other headphones in this price range.
Now lastly, we have the Pioneer HDJ500s. This is like, the very lightweight, Aviator style.
This is going to give you front to back rotation on the right cup, and they come in red, black, or white.
This has a detachable cable, and let me tell you, they’re really light, they feel really comfortable, so if you’ve got a long set or a long use, these will fit perfect for you.
Now, these have a smaller ear cup with a 40mm driver. But let me tell you, that sound really rivals the others.
Pioneer comes correct and this is a great entry level headphone, or even an upgrade.
Ok, so there you have it, my top four DJ headphones from the mid to upper range.
For more indepth detail on these and many others, check us out on and also on our blog.
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  1. Seanojl says:

    HDJ are the best IMO

    1. ariff says:


      1. james says:

        because their awsome bass and quality + cheaper than others , but you cant have a too big head or they might not be comfy for u but im 13 and they fit me well. :)

  2. Ingo says:

    Why don’t you sell Technics Headphones?

    1. ariff says:

      Which ones specifically are you looking for?

      1. Ingo says:

        Just asking. I’ve just bought Technics RD-DJ1200. They’re awesome. Not excessive bass, mid or treble. Totally balanced. Fit perfectly and seem to be pretty durable, but flexible. Unfortunately they are not available in Unique Squared. I’m sure you’d sell a lot.

  3. brent stewart says:

    My Sony MDR-7506 headphones have lasted forever, so I’ll go with these…

  4. Tuomas P says:

    Sennheiser HD 25′s are my favorite. Great sound & build quality, and replaceable parts.

  5. Siddharth Setia says:

    Beats Pro – Monster Beats by Dre

    Oh man..! These headphones are fricking awesome! The detail of every lil bit note whether it’s intrumental or a guitar riff is awesome! Just love these headphones! Would kill to own one of these.! :D

  6. Justin Torres says:

    My favorite pair is the Beats Pro. The sound quality is great, I love the fact that you can place the headphone cable on either side, and they also look good when you DJ! Although the price tag is a bit hefty, I think they’re worth it :)

  7. Currently, my favorite pair of headphones is Earpollution DJ Style Headphones by iFrogz. There are plenty of quality, high end headphones that will be of great use but that usually comes with a hefty price. What is great about these headphones is the incredibly low price for the amount of quality you get with it. The prices can range from $30-$50 which is easily affordable compared to Beats by Dr. Dre which are easily $200 or 300$. A lot of people may be concerned that with such a low price that the quality cannot be compared to the investment in the more popular higher end headphones. At first I was concerned as well because it seemed too good to be true. However, the more I looked into the product and after buying myself a pair, it delivers plenty of quality. It has 50 mm speaker drivers which gives it a wide range for any music. When I started using them, I can clearly tell the difference between that and my other headphones as it enhanced my listening pleasure. It is very compatible to almost any device and its fold up design makes it convenient for on-the-go listening or performances. The thick cushions gives much comfort and it is adjustable to any head size. These are by no means delicate. They are very sturdy and can withstand a lot so it will last a long time. I’ve used them myself for live performances and its design, comfort, and quality helps me easily cue in songs and last through gigs for the whole day without discomfort. It comes in 4 different unique styles to fit everyone’s’ taste. People are fooled when they are told the price for such headphones like these as they can be easily priced at $100. Anyone will enjoy these headphones and they are a must buy especially for people who have a tight budget. I would without a doubt pick up another pair of these headphones.

  8. Ryan says:

    Beats Pro – Monster Beats by Dre

    The best !.. :) MY friend had one of these.. Damn the bass was awesome ! and so clear !.. and so loud. :) i think it does have noise cancelling .. and also tangle free wires.. Tangle free wires are really needed, so your headphones dont get screwed up.. i love them..

  9. Cristiano RC says:

    I love the fidelity of Shure`s equipments

  10. William says:

    My favorite is Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ high volume and they are super comfortable.

  11. Tom Benton says:

    I wonder how the DJ headphones compare to high quality home/pro units like HD600s. I expect better isolation and durability, but is the sound quality on par?

  12. Janice Lewis says:

    V-MODA are definitely the best! The specs are way better than the Beats by DR Dre and I got them for a much better price. They come with a extended cable and a fancy case.

  13. beats pro, because of the clarity of the sounds, the sturdy aluminum finish , and the nice booming bass. perfect dj headphone!

  14. Kevin Liu says:

    My preferred headphones out of these 4 are the beats pro. My favourite features are the durable metal design and the ear cups that you can twist back for easy DJ monitoring. Another great thing about the beats pro is that you can “daisy-chain”, so your friend can plug another set of headphones into the output port to hear what you are listening to. This can come in really handy in a producing studio. To top it all off, these headphones also look great. The only downside to the beats pros are that they can get uncomfortable after a few hours of listening. The ear cups will fit very tightly against your head but despite how uncomfortable it is, it still helps to block ambient sound. The hefty price tag of $400 is also a bit too much for the average consumer, but if money was no object, I’d definitely pick one of these up.

  15. DJSoipip says:

    i just got the studio version of beats by dre. I absolutely LOVE them!! they are a masterpiece of headgear. If i had the money, I would have gotten the pros, but okay 400$ is alot of money for at pair of headphones, but they would be totally worth it!! so, yes Pros are of course the best ever!!

  16. Sebastien Roy (Ayarkay) says:

    I honestly haven’t tried many headphones out there, unfortunately.

    However the pair of headphones that I’ve tried that I liked the most were the Skullcany GIs. I know they’re not that great, but the price is extremely durable, and I find that the sound is pretty well EQ’d. I don’t like the Skullcandy Skullcrushers as much because I find that some mid-range frequencies tend to be overpowered by the overwhelming bass…

    1. Sebastien Roy (Ayarkay) says:

      Oops, I meant the price is reasonable. Not durable. >_>

    2. james says:

      THEY SUCK even hesh are better u can get Sennheisers for that price and their not very comfy ,get some real headphones. :D

  17. Andy says:

    I think the best ones are the Beats Pro by monster .. I think they definitely have an awesome sound. They look so good with that design. :) le it.. but its abit too pricey at 400$.. :(

  18. Daniel Ornelas says:

    My favorite headphones are the RP DH1200 by Technics. I currently own these headphones and I do not regret these headphones at all. They cover all the things I look for in DJ headphones which are sound quality, price, durability, comfortableness, and the overall way they look!

    Before I had these, I owned Sony v700s and they broke in about 3 months of using them. So when I was on a hunt to find a good pair of headphones that wouldn’t break in a short amount of time and weren’t extremely pricey, I began to investigate. After I had heard many people talk about the DH1200s and how they had amazing sound quality and that world renowned DJ’s (Armin van Buuren) had used them, I went in and bought them for less than $170.

    Comfortableness: Very comfortable. They have padded headbands and ear cushions make it very cozy for your ears. (At first, your ears start to hurt after a couple of hours, but they’ll get used to it in no time. Pretty much all headphones have this problem though.)

    Durability: Very sturdy. Out of all the DJ headphones I have tried, these are the ones that are most well built. There is rubber around the cans so it won’t break easily like most headphones.

    Sound Quality: These things are absolutely perfect when it comes to sound quality. The bass is super clear and absolutely perfect. Not too much or too little bass. The His, Lows, and Mids are all even. No distortion whatsoever. The sound is super crisp.

    Price: They price around $150. I bought mine for $170 (with a protection plan). For the price, these are unbeatable. I prefer these over the $400 Beats Pro.

    Extras: The RP DH1200′s chord is detachable. They come with a little leather case. They have rotating earcups, they’re foldable, a coiled chord. They are a very traditional looking DJ headphone.

    Additional Specs:
    -Frequency Range: 5 – 30,000 HRz
    -Weight: 435 g
    -Jack Size: 3.5mm, gold-plated, right-angled

    My brother has the Beats Pro, so when I was able to demo them out, I noticed they were a little lighter compared to my Technics. But the sound quality was pretty solid. Clean bass, his, mids, & lows sound good, but I expected LOTS more since they cost $400. They are built very well and won’t break or crack in a short amount of time. But the sound quality of the Technics are superior over the Beats. The bass is absolutely perfect. And the His, Mid, Lows, are perfect as well.

    So, in my opinion, the Technics RP DH1200 are the best headphones out there.

  19. MykroBeatz says:

    I want a pair of Beatz Pro so bad I can’t see straight. They’re amazing

  20. Angel says:

    I really love my TMA-1 Headphones by AIAIAI. They have a really nice overall balance of sounds (not too much bass nor are the highs too loud). Plus the output can get really loud, but still clear in club environments. One major thing I love with my TMA-1′s is their style and durability. They have a nice minimalistic feel with the matte finish and they’re the most durable headphones I’ve bought. The rubber headband is impervious to bends and breaks. I feel really comfortable just throwing them in my bag. Definitely worth my investment and I love them.

  21. Ion says:

    For me Technics RP-DH1200 has brought me much comfort and pleasure. I always use them.

  22. Alin says:

    Best get along with headphones Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Don’t understand that I bought! I just got them as gift. And I will not give them up, ever!

  23. Mike S says:

    My favorite is the Monster Beats Pro. The aesthetics on them are sweet. I never worn them because they’re a bit out of my price range, but the video above confirmed what I thought – they are plush and comfortable.

  24. Celjo John says:

    Pioneer HDJ 500 RoCkS..!!

    1. james says:

      i no right

  25. Florian says:

    For me MDR7509HD from Sony is fantastic sound source. I’m always fascinated when using them.

  26. Mihaly,Stojka says:

    My favorite? My favorite is the Sony MDR XB500. Off course not for Dj-ing! But that headphone is just awesome for daily wear. I have a Pioneer HDJ 500 for dj-ing but you know guys what about the time when you are not in front off the players? That’s the time when the Sony MDR XB500 comes in to the picture;) I tried as many (…,Shure,Monster Beats…) headphone but i didn’t find any like that. That headphone has the crazyest bass i have ever heard.
    “The ear-cups are designed to sit on the ears rather than over them, but they still manage to seal well and block out a significant amount of outside noise. The ear-pads are made of smooth black leatherette and are exceptionally well padded. We found that the padding allowed the headphones to exert a lot of clamping force without becoming uncomfortable.”
    Belive me i have it for over 4 months now and that’s the most comfortable headphone i have ever had.And with the 40mm drivers that headphone gives you the best bass ever for 100$ ;)

  27. Joshua Lawrence says:

    Favorite headphones by far is the Sony MDR7509HD’s! Great for every single thing you can think of. Seriously amazing headphones!!!

  28. Adam Hamilton says:

    Have to say, loving those Alien and Health XD-53′s. Love headphones that don’t jam up in my ear, or clamp on me, cause those just cause pain, and the fuzzy ones don’t give you the sound quality like the XD-53′s.

  29. DJ DiaBTz says:

    dude where are the HDJ-2000??

  30. Zarif R says:

    I won a pair of Reloop RH-10 headphones from Unique Squared and i must say i am very impressed by thier performance. its white so it looks rel sweet in the clubs with the black light. i get exceptional quality sound coming from them. Thanks Madflip for the reviews on your favourite headphones. will definately consider what you said for my next purchase

  31. I will definitely agree to this post. Those headphones are the best that you can have. I am using the Shure headphone. I find it more comfortable to wear and have a high quality sound.

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