September 2, 2011

Samson CT20 Tuner Review

There are a lot of guitar tuners out there. Everything from rack mounted tuners, stage mounted tuners, and advanced chromatic tuners all meant to keep you guitar at the perfect pitch. Most of these are advanced tuners with a large price tag. Luckily for those of us beginner guitar players on a budget, we have the Samson CT20 guitar tuner.

Samson CT20 Clip-On Tuner Features:

  • Full color LCD display
  • Integrated clip with 360° movement for easy viewing
  • Chromatic, guitar and bass tuning scales
  • Built-in mic or clip-on setting for precise tuning
  • Flat tuning/transposition
  • Real-time response for tuning accuracy
  • Pitch calibration rages from A 410 to 490Hz
  • Powered by a single CR2032 battery (included)
  • Auto power-off and energy-saving functions for maximum battery life

While this tuner may not be as accurate as some of the more advanced tuners mentioned above, it is certainly sleek in design and full of features for just a small clip on tuner. The rubber grip is incredibly thick to give you the peace of mind when clipping it on to the headstock. One of my favorite features is the ability to rotate it 360 degrees in any direction on two different axes. This allows for perfect positioning of the tuner for your level of comfort.

There are other reviews on the CT20 out there that bash the look of the tuner screen. While the screen may not be as bright as other clip on tuners, I personally think the aesthetic of the dials, text, and notes are actually quite cool for a little clip on tuner. The ability to switch between a dial gauge and a fuel gauge, while completely superfluous, is really a treat to see on a tuner. Now you can see how flat or sharp you actually are and how much further you have to go to be in tune.

For a guy like me who is only a fair weather guitar player, I really liked the features on the Samson CT20. Its a great tuner at a great price and I am buying one right now so you guys can tolerate my novice guitar playing.



Hey this is Taylor from and we’re back once again. This time we’re talking guitar tuners. This is one from Samson it’s called the CT20. Now it’s a clip on guitar tuner, and it’s really small and portable. One of the cool things about it is that you can rotate it three hundred and sixty degrees from the tuner. You can also rotate it three sixty at this axis as well. And not only that, you can also pivot these at one hundred and eighty degrees on each of the axis. So this tuner has two different modes of tuning, you can either do the clip mode or the mic mode. Now the clip mode is obviously when you have it clipped to the guitar and it measure the vibrations for tuning. And if you want to put it in mic mode, I guess mic is better for acoustic instruments and then if you want to use the clip mode for electric instruments. So on the back you have your mode button which selects from guitar, bass, and also the twelve note chromatic scale. And below that you have a flat button which allows you to tune in a flatter scale if you’d like to do that. And between each of those is the plus and minus button, now this allows for changing the hertz level of your tuning. You usually want to keep it at that standard 440 but it’s nice to have that option if you want to switch between them if you want to do some different eclectic types of tuning. So another cool feature, behind if you hold down the mode button you can switch from either a line gage or a fuel gage. It’s something that’s purely aesthetically for the tuner but it’s cool that Samson threw that in there if you want to have different options for how you view your tuning. So if you want to find out more about the CT20 check us out here at Also follow our blog, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook and be sure to subscribe to this youtube channel. My name is Taylor and be sure to be you, be unique, at


  1. Raymond Langer says:

    No excuse to be out of tune again. Great gadget!

  2. Kevin Gray says:

    Love the size and versatility of this tuner. Really like the way it adjusts. Visuals are nice too. I’d call it more of a beginner and a half tuner. Will probably definitely pick one up for my son (10) who is just learning to play.

    1. Taylor taylor says:

      Agreed Kevin! These tuners are great for those of us who are looking for a simple solution to tuning. It may not be as precise as more expensive tuners but it gets the job done for us novices. Hope your son enjoys it.

  3. Cristiano says:

    Seems to be really PRO

  4. Mihaly,Stojka says:

    First i have to learn how to play :D

  5. Rob C. says:

    I think this is a better Guitar tuner because it does Chromatic, guitar and bass tuning scales and it has a Full color LCD display, Witch is Awesome! I love it! I need it! I want it!

  6. George says:

    Awesome looking acoustic tuner. I tend to play acoustic electrics that have a built in tuner, generally Ovation or Ibanez. But this little gadget might make me pick up my taylor again.

  7. Andrew says:

    This is the first time I have been truly impressed by Samson. I think they should work more on smaller gadgets and work on accessories, rather than instruments and pro audio.

    a little goes a long way, you know?

    1. Andrew says:

      lol. can’t wait to get it hooked up to my vci

  8. brent says:

    Having to tune an acoustic guitar in a loud outdoor environment is almost impossible without a clip on tuner. The 360 swivel is a nice added bonus, as compared to some other tuners I’ve used.

  9. Mike S says:

    Playing in tune would definitely make me sound better!

  10. Shaun says:

    The only problem i have had with clip on tuners is the sensitivity, sometimes it takes forever to register the note or in a loud room it thinks I’m playing another note in the harmonic structure of the note I’m actually playing. I would like to see if this tuner can resolve those issues. I also would like to see if maybe i can keep this in my case without it turning itself on and killing the battery, which is why I’m tuner-less right now. . .

  11. Joe K says:

    Nice device!

  12. Kathi H says:

    I could use a nice tuner… my current tuners are not cutting it… time to move on to something much better… the CT20 looks awesome

  13. Peter Mahoney says:

    Clip on good for both guitar AND bass ! The wife and I might have to fight over it, but it will make our lives much easier!

  14. Anthony Cov says:

    Sorry to disagree but while the tuner looks great and very colorful …its not accurate!!. I tested the Samson on a tone generator and it still read A440 all the way down to 438.4 to 441.2. I tested out about 10 tuners and the top 3 are the following

    1) Peterson Strobe Clip On Tuner
    2) GoGo TT-1 Clip On tuner
    3) Seiko STX Clip On Tuner

    1. ariff says:

      Thanks for your comment and recommendation!

    2. Taylor taylor says:

      Thanks for the comment Anthony. When we get some other clip on tuners we will compare the more popular ones side by side. Happy Jamming.

  15. Jay F says:

    I checked it out and although it is solidly built didn’t find it to be very accurate and the display was hard to see from many angles. Not exactly things that make me want to buy a tuner. Any suggestions for a well built tuner that actually tries to accurately tune and has a display you don’t have to move all around to be able to see? Please don’t say the Snark as I actually think this Samson is a better tuner than that piece of junk.

  16. Tony Ony says:

    Good review, I have the “Gogo clip on TT-1″ tuner, and think its the best tuner on the market. This unit looks good as well.

  17. elizabeth mos says:

    I tested out the tuner and just did not like it. The screen was hard to read , especially in the outside environments. The buttons were small and located in the back…i accidentally kept tuning it flat because there was too much information on the screen. I think if they fine tuned it, it may make a difference it could be a winner but it’s need to be reworked

    I would rather go with my old standbys the BOSS TU12, GoGo TT-1 and a Intellitouch PT20

  18. John C. Lind says:

    Frees up a cable that would otherwise have to be used to connect a tuner . . .

  19. Ion says:

    How versatile it is! I have no words!

  20. Costel says:

    A splendid tuner, it takes you out of trouble ever.

  21. Ramona says:

    I think he can help me, even though I am a beginner.

  22. Alin says:

    Can I play something like Santana with this? Amazing!

  23. Siddharth says:

    Frickin awesome!