April 20, 2011

Kevin Nottingham Announces DEMOS Mixtape Contest Sponsored By Unique Squared!

Please Listen To My Demos Mixtape contest

In promotion of the upcoming documentary film, DEMOS: An Independent Artist’s Guide To Success, Kevin Nottingham will be releasing a series of mixtapes showcasing the talents of independent artists around the world.  The mixtapes will serve two purposes: to add awareness to the upcoming film and to promote the independent artists who make it onto the mixtape. That’s where this contest comes in… WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR DEMO. This is your chance to become a part of something that we hope will go down in hip hop history as being one of the illest music documentaries to be released in recent times.

Deadline is April 30th with the Mixtape being released in May.

Check out the post at Kevin Nottingham for submission info.