DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
October 6, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Kid Cedek

This week’s artist spotlight is on the fireball from the DMV, Kid Cedek.  His meteoric rise to predominance is a result of relentless gigging, releasing numerous remixes and original productions, and flawless marketing and branding.  We can all learn something from the manner in which Kid Cedek, aka Merchicedek Reyes, is taking his career to the next level.  It’s one thing to be focused on your career in every action, and in every detail of your every day routine, but it is also paramount to challenge yourself, expand your abilities, and constantly hone your craft.  This defines Kid Cedek and it truly shows in his music and his live performance.  It really helps that he’s a pretty nice guy too.

How did you get started playing and producing music?

DJ Obeyah from Washington D.C. helped me out by giving me some Numark TTX’s when I was learning in the beginning, I brought them to Atlanta where DJ Smiles took me under his wing and from there Mr. Vega from Rot10 Musik saw enough potential to commission me for an official remix on his label of one of his artists.  I knew from there that this is what  I should’ve always been doing.

Lets talk about playing out live, where can I find you these days?

And every third Friday at Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta.

Occasionally, I’ll do some one offs but those range from The Quad to MJQ.

What type of plans do you have to tour in the future?

Myself and my label: Rot10 Musik are planning a national tour in which I can’t disclose much information on yet. For my recent projects?  I’ve got lots of new exciting projects with guys from ATL to Australia. Excited for all the releases!!!

What type of gear did use to get started, and what do you use now?

For DJing I use Novation Dicers & 2 technic 1200′s along with Smokin Shells & Shure M447′s.
Beats Pro Head Phones & Serato Scratch Live.

For Studio I use Logic Pro 9, an Akai Mpk 49 and a Novation SL3 25 key controller, along with a ton of VSTs, predominatley Native Instruments.

Where/Who do you draw your inspiration from?

Mr. Vega, Etc! Etc!, Diplo, Heroes & Villains, Mayhem, Obeyah, Mantis. So many great DJ/producers I aspire to be like!

Describe your creative process.

Happy Mistakes? Lol. For me it involves some Newports, being fully clothed, waking up early and going to bed late, then repeating. Oh, and eating at Waffle House!

What advice would you give to up and coming artists, djs or producer/remixers?

Practice, sacrifice, BRAND BRAND BRAND, treat this like a business, research and learn the history. Wake up early, treat your career like someone is employing you and that is always watching what you are doing.

What artists are you excited about currently?

Iggy Azalea, Young Lyxx, RENEGADE EL REY, Stranger Day, and AC + DELL.

What kind of experience can we expect to have at your live show?

I will be playing the various genres I produce, so I will keep a constant energy, but there will always be a shift in the style of music. I’m from up north, so expect some old school classics too!

What’s the most important meal of the day?

Meals? Man, my personal assistant can’t even remember when the last time we ate!

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You can check out Kid Cedek this weekend on the Ear Milk stage at A3C festival this weekend in Atlanta.

For even more details, downloads and other goodies, including videos, click the links below.


Big thanks to Kid Cedek, his support staff, and Rot10 Musik for contributing to our Artist Spotlight series.

Look for many more artists in the weeks to come, and until next time, happy gigs!