DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
November 11, 2011

Propellerhead Reason 6: In Studio With James Bernard

We will be filming a new video for Propellerheads Reason 6 next week with James Bernard.  We are stoked to offer our readers a chance to chime in if you have any questions for James about the new software.  We will be giving away a Propellerheads prize pack for the best question and we will personally address your inquiries in the video shoot.

Working in Artist Relations, Sound Design and as a Product Specialist for Propellerhead
Software, James Bernard keeps busy traveling around the world doing gigs, demos and
training seminars. He also recently completed a years worth of YouTube video tips and
tricks on Propellerhead Software that have been very well received.

In his 18 years of producing and releasing records, James has been a musical shape
shifter. Scrolling through his extensive discography, you may find an ambient/glitch/idm
album, a techno acid stomper or a gold selling musical score for a blockbuster movie.

His extensive knowledge of Propellerhead Software products and music production
techniques, and his ability to make even the most difficult technique easier to understand
ensure that you will come away from any of his presentations with some useful

What’s new in Reason?

If you’ve already got Reason version 1 to 5, get ready for Reason 6! With audio tracks in the sequencer, breathtaking time stretch, and audio transpose you’ll be able to stay inside Reason’s creative environment for your whole production. With the addition of the Neptune pitch corrector, Line 6 modeled amplifiers, and the ID-8 writer’s toolbox of instruments, you’ll have serious tools for serious production.

We’ve also added three new creative effects (Pulveriser, Alligator, and The Echo), an expanded factory sound bank, and 64bit OS support. Reason 6 is a monstrous step up for your rack.


Mix in studio grade quality

The fully equipped mixing desk adds a big studio signal chain to all your sound sources. Every audio and instruments track has its own channel strip — the built-in EQ, dynamics and advanced routing will give your music that unmistakable million-dollar console sound. The “radio ready” master bus compressor gives your mixes that extra punch.


Pulveriser puts crunchy compression, dirty distortion, a multimode filter and flexible modulation in a single, sound-crunching effect.

Pulverizer Propellerhead

The Echo

The Echo is an advanced stereo echo bringing together the brilliance of modern delays with the organic sounds of analog circuitry and old-school tape machines. The Echo is equal parts pristine stereo delay, sound sculpturing toolbox, and playable performance effect.

The Echo Propellerhead


Alligator is a three band pattern-based gate effect that turns bland pads into rhythmic textures, radically twists your loops, and tweak boring beats into blockrocking breaks.

Alligator Propellerhead


New in the Reason rack is the Neptune pitch correction and voice synth device. Neptune turns your performances into pitch-perfect ones in no time. Simply play your new harmonies on your MIDI keyboard for instant backing vocals.

Neptune Propellerhead

Audio recording

Capture your ideas with a minimum of mouse clicks and menu actions — version 6 introduces unlimited hard disk tracks and rock solid audio recording in Reason.

Time stretch & audio transpose

With our now legendary non-destructive time stretch, you can actually record first and pick your tempo later. And with the brand new audio transpose you can even record first and change the key later. Change the tempo of your song, and the audio follows right along. Non-destructively change the pitch with a mouse click.

Recording meter

The large Recording Meter overlay lets you tune your guitar and set the levels from across the room.

Line 6 guitar and bass amps

With the virtual guitar and bass PODs® from amp and cab simulation experts Line 6, Inc. you are never short of interesting tones and timbres.

More sounds

The included Factory Sound Bank has been expanded with thousands of new patches and loops for Reason’s instruments, and hundreds of patches for the new Pulveriser, The Echo and Alligator effects. Finding your sound has never been easier.

Reason has been killing it for years and has always been my weapon of choice.  We are super stoked to have James Bernard, the king, in next week and we will be sure to dig deep and have a great shoot.  If you have any questions about Reason or your music production for James and the team here at UniqueSquared please leave them below in the comments and we will answer them for you in the upcoming video.  Plus, you can win a fancy prize pack for the best questions.  NICE.


  1. michael smith says:

    what are the advantages in using reason rather than ableton live or fruity loops? how does it compare with there in-built effects and programs? people often find they need to purchase “vst plugins” even after they buy producing software , how does reason stack against this with its own effects? is it user friendly for a starting producer? or would it just be mind boggling? and finally if you were to switch from a different producing software to reason how easy would it be to switch? such as transferring sound files , vst’s , projects and learning a new software from scratch ?


  2. Scott frost says:

    Does it talk to live?? And is it lion ready?? Oh and is there an iPad version?

  3. Ben says:

    Can the Alligator filters be run “gapless” so that they open/close smoothly? It appeared like that might be possible with manually enabling them like you did towards the end. What I want to do is use the envelope to filter drum loops, but I don’t want to have to have gaps in between (though that on its own might also be a pretty cool effect).

  4. Considering the time stretch and audio transpose options, how will this new feature affect vocals? i.e. If someone were to pick the tempo of the vocals after recording a track, would said vocals experience distortion? Typically, when increasing or decreasing the tempo of a track (to a certain extreme), the audio signal of the vocals lengthens or shortens to a point where the waveform expression is extended, thus, warping the sound.

  5. KeithM says:

    Is it already windows 8 compatible? How about made for true 64 bit processing or dual processors? Can it make me a latte with soy and light foam (oops that last one was for my barista)

  6. stuart deakin-berry says:

    As a guitar player, teacher, song writer why should I switch from a cheaper application like Reaper to something like this.
    Or should it be used along side?
    Not being upto date with sequences for a number of years and only just getting back into this side of things this would be useful to know :)

  7. What is the best deal to be had going from Reason 4 to 6. Discounts for upgrades?

  8. Richard Arroyo says:

    Can I use my MPC with reason6, looking to add to my music but some say Logic 9 others say live 8 but I think Reason looks sweet, help me out here guys what do u think?

  9. jevon says:

    can you load up old sessions from reason 3 4 and 5 into six? and use a digidesign mbox to lay vocals that would be my ultimate setup

  10. Tuomas says:

    Is there a plan to bring some functions of Reason to Tablets as for a sketchpad type action, or full DAW version?

  11. Brian Solomon says:

    how would I incorporate Reasons with my Studio Live setup? would it intergrate with not only the Studio one software but my Studio Live Mixer?

  12. Andrew says:

    How does the new audio recording feature in reason 6 compare to dedicated recording programs like Pro Tools? Will I be able to use the new Reason as a replacement programs like Pro Tools?

  13. SteveP says:

    My question : If you had thirty seconds to pitch Reason/etc. to a Logic/Mainstage user, what would be your most succinct and compelling reason for them to look at your offerings? Either what does it do that they can’t already do, or how does it do it in such a fresh way as to bend their mind out of their box?

    I ask because I have never used Reason and don’t know what it holds for me that I can’t already do with the tools at hand. ;)

  14. Josh E says:

    Hi, does this integrate well with other programs like ableton live or pro tools? From the description, it says full production can be done in the program, so im also wondering if I should transfer from those programs I mentioned or is it better to have them work together for a home studio setup?

    Thank you!

  15. Richard Oaten says:


    Pitch shifting of audio tracks has now been added in Reason 6, ending the need for using Neptune to change the pitch audio tracks (as Record never had an audio transpose feature, so using Neptune was the only workaround), do you see audio quantising being added in a future version and do you think it strange that ReCycle can’t quantise audio to help Reason out here?


  16. LOKIE7 says:

    whats up with reason 6 not working with digi 003?

    1. Shane says:

      It does!! I’m making a youtube video on this!! Don’t sell your digi 003!!!

      1. LOKIE7 says:

        not working for me no fix or updates still looking

  17. Deepak says:

    Hi James, can you please recommend an entry-level keyboard that’ll go well/perfectly with Reason 6 ? Preferably in the 1000-1500 dollars price range and/or lower? Kinda like a recommendation for the first keyboard/controller/workstation a musician who’s starting out should buy ? Thanks, appreciate it if you could take a minute to answer this…….. :)

  18. Marc says:

    Reason6 accepts various midi controllers managing several virtual instruments separately?

  19. Eugene W. says:

    Could you hook up an arpeggiator to an audio track and quickly demonstrate what’s so mind-blowing?

  20. Eugene W. says:

    Oooh, also: What are your must-have refills?

  21. Joseph W says:

    What has been the most surprising, exciting or absurd thing that you have seen Reason used for?

  22. Lorraine Clayton says:

    What plug ins are necessary and is it protools 10 compatable?

  23. dreamr says:

    I don’t know about 6, I run Reason 4. I use standalone, but mostly, I rewire it to ableton and use live’s awesome sequencer.

    Reason is for those of us who like to “See” our hardware racks. You can do very creative cabling patches, and the effects and synths sound sooooooo fat and sexy right off the bat. Subtractor sounds so much better without much work compared to operator or even massive.

  24. Shane says:

    AVID Dididesign Digi 003 Working in Propellerhead Reason 6 + Drivers

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