October 20, 2011

New Blog Author: Lonely Paul

Hi guys! Since I am jumping into the mix to do some writing on the blog with Scott, Taylor and the gang here, I thought it would be good to take a moment to introduce myself:

My name is Paul Nunn. I have been playing and touring in bands for the better part of the last two decades and recording/sequencing for the better part of that as well. A large part of my career in the field was spent calling Athens, GA “home,” but I presently reside in the Atlanta area.

Most recently, I have been serving as the touring guitarist/multi-instrumentalist for Yip Deceiver. In fact, I am writing this column as we return from a show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY. If you are familiar with us at all, you likely know us as an “of Montreal side project.” As long as I’m talking about of Montreal, it’s probably worth mentioning my touring history with them; in which I have operated as touring LD (lighting director), contributing animator, stage tech and theatrics performer.

LP Referee

If you are an of Montreal fan, you might know me as “Lonely Paul” or “LP”- and would have seen me in the most recent tours doing anything from portraying the worst wrestling referee ever to riding a dragon wearing a powdered wig. Lonely Paul is also my DJ/Remix Artist/Electronic Musician name, or one of them, and I will be releasing an EP under that moniker in January 2012 (as well as a few mixtapes between now and the release date) through Aerobic International.

All this qualifying myself is starting to make me feel self-absorbed, so if you want more of my work history, feel free to check my CV or you can just trust me that I am a self-described “renaissance geek.” Either way, I can then get on to talking about what I am doing here at UniqueSquared. In addition to working behind the scenes to help with keeping things pretty around the site and to assist with making sure our listings are as informative as possible, I will also be contributing to the blog in the coming months.

I have a lot of plans and ideas at present, and while I can’t tell you everything I’ll ever be writing about, I can tell you that in the immediate future I’ll be bringing you columns on practical recording philosophies applicable to the beginner and the seasoned professional. I also plan on bringing you a series of sound design tutorials and general guides, a number of DAW specific tutorials for Ableton Live, Reason and Logic Pro among others and some tutorials on hardware integration, work flow and performance, especially as related to working with laptop based performance scenarios.

I’m really looking forward to working on this stuff for you all and hope to learn about articles you might like to see as well. My personal mission is to help people find the products they need for the things they want to create, as well as to help them get the most out of the tools they already have. Beyond that, I hope we all figure out some things I haven’t even thought of yet, and what we can do to help you realize your visions in and out of the studio.

If I was into cigars, I’d light one up right now, lean back in some fancy leather chair, wink at you and say “here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.“ Then again, that seems a bit creepy, so I guess we can all be glad I’m not into cigars.

All that said, when next we meet, we’re going to get down to business. I’ll see you soon.



  1. Taylor taylor says:

    Look forward to reading those tutorials from you Paul. Any help with making better work flows for sequences in Ableton is always appreciated.

    1. MusicMarcom says:

      Not sure whether you know, but maybe it’s helpful: It’s a great book that has helped me a lot. The author is very knowledgeable. On youtube:

  2. Vlad Thex says:

    Cant wait to hear more from you!