DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
December 7, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Martina McFlyy

How did you get started playing and producing music? 

I feel like djing was a natural progression for me, as I started playing the Bassoon in 6th grade and began to excel after my mother put me in private lessons. After getting a full music performance scholarship concentrated in Bassoon to Ga State, I met a dance crew in my sophomore year…began to dance and never looked back. After 5 years of dancing, I was playing vinyl records in my now boyfriends apartment, and started to think I had possibly found my niche. I practiced on vinyl until I went down to Scratch Academy in Miami and learned Serato, scratching, and more beat matching skills. I got my first gig in January 2010 at Halo and opened there every Friday for several months. By November 2010, I booked my first gig overseas in Berlin, Germany.

Lets talk about playing out live, where can I find you these days?

In Atlanta, you can find me Thursdays at El Bar(Ponce), Third Fridays at Gold Room with Klever for ‘The Takeover’, MJQ main room every fourth Saturday, and Graveyard Tavern every third Saturday with Cobra Corps for ‘Down&Durty’.

What type of plans do you have to tour in the future? 

For recent projects? Planning to tour Europe in the late Spring 2012. As of right now I am shooting a video in Atlanta, and Los Angeles for an up and coming project that I am extremely excited about.

What type of gear did use to get started, and what do you use now? 

I started with two 1200s and a four channel behringer mixer…I still play on my turntables, but in the last year I purchased the Rane TTM57SL and also use Novation Dicers from time to time. The dicers are great and allow you to remix on the spot.

Where/Who do you draw your inspiration from?

I love ALL forms of art and all types of music…I draw my inspiration from it all and I always have a hip hop undertone with everything I do. Hip hop is everything to me.
Describe your creative process. I spend hours flipping through my favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines, listen to some of my favorite records old and new, watch a documentary or classic movie, browse movie soundtracks, go antiquing or thrifting, go to an art gallery, take a dance class and do some yoga. lol! Sometimes, I do all of this, sometimes I’ll just go for a drive and listen to some of my CDs in my car and an idea will pop up in my head that spawns a concept for a mix, a mini set to play during my next live show, a video, or a new track.

What advice would you give to up and coming artists, djs or producer/remixers?

Create your own lane, don’t follow trends, stay true to the music, and don’t feed into the bullshit.

What artists are you excited about currently?

I am excited about music artists in general right now…everyone is getting really free with their music and there are no rules….that fact within itself is thrilling.

What kind of experience can we expect to have at your live show?

I am not concerned with what another dj is playing, I am more geared towards introducing new music, timeless music and good times. When I dj, especially when I get into a good zone, you can definitely experience a show.

What’s the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast…I prefer pancakes:)

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