DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
November 18, 2011

My Mixtape: Volume 1 “The Road Trip”

For more than two decades I’ve been making mixtapes.  Yeah, not necessarily defined in the same way they are today by artists who are promoting themselves and their label mates or collaborators.  I’m talking about the old school mixtape that existed on a cassette.  I’m talking about the ones you made for road trips, house parties, and most probably prepubescent love affairs.  ANYWAY, some of you can relate to this and I’m asking all of you to submit your favorite tracks based on a topic I will provide each week.  We will select the best ones and put it on a mixtape for all of you to enjoy the following week.

The first week’s topic in observance of Thanksgiving will be the ever popular “Road Trip” mixtape.  I remember taking road trips as I did quite often when I was in college in Florida in the late 80′s.  Whether it was going home for the weekend, or to the beach, or to a show in Miami or Orlando, the music played in the car had to invoke a feeling of freedom and independence, and it had to be very loud so that no one could nap along the way.  If I’m driving, then no one else is sleeping.  Those were my rules and no one really minded that much because the soundtrack I provided being the designated DJ/driver always contained tracks hand picked from the top shelf.  Through the years the music choices changed a little bit, but the overall tone of the mix always stayed the same.  Most songs were fast and pretty hard.  Some had lyrics we could all sing a long to.  But every track was definitely played very, very loud. Here’s one of my all time favorite tunes to drive to when embarking on a road trip.  Leave your favorites in the comments and I will put together a mix inspired by your submissions for every one to listen to on your next road trip.  Until next time, travel safely, and happy gigs!


Hit the road with Underworld


  1. Scott Lapointe says:

    George Thoroughgood, One Burban, One Scotch, and one Beer :)

  2. Hanoch says:

    009 Sound System – Dreamscape

  3. Josh E says:

    “Boys of summer” by Don Henley

  4. john e says:

    Distinction – Afterlife

  5. B. Henschel says:

    “coffee break” Zeds Dead

  6. AdriaticBlue says:

    Gotta have “Clear Day” by Plastyc Buddha on that tape. ;-)

  7. skillz flux says:

    awol one and factor – destination

  8. Andrew says:

    Strobelights by krewella

  9. Frank Pacheco says:

    “Time” Culture Club