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DJ Scott Mad Flip
November 25, 2011

Holiday Buying Guide: Remix and Production Bundles

Remix and Production controllers are a great way to work out your ideas in production software. Mapping triggers and sounds into the pads allows you to creatively plot out your music all while giving your fingers a work out. There are a number of controllers on the market, and they come in a variety of ways. Some of them are empty shells, ready to be filled with sounds and commands of your choosing. Others are pre-filled with an array of sounds to choose from so you can start making beats immediately. Either way, these are great products for those that are looking to begin creating music or remixing tracks. Here are a few bundles we put together to get you started, check them out.

STARTER PACKAGE – Novation Launchpad with Samson HP-10 Headphones

Getting started is even more awesome if it’s at a very budget friendly price.

Jointly designed by Ableton and Novation, Launchpad places Ableton Live at your fingertips. Whether you’re a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to truly ‘play’ Live.

With a multi-colour 64-button grid and dedicated scene launch buttons, Launchpad is purpose built for triggering and manipulating clips in Live, it also offers a totally new way of controlling Ableton Live’s mixer. Launchpad’s buttons can be used to sketch out beats with drum racks, and they can be assigned to other functions in Live using Ableton’s ‘Learn’ mode.

Launchpad ships with a dedicated ‘Launchpad edition’ of Ableton Live 8, but can control almost any other music software using Novation’s award-winning ‘Automap’ control software. You can find the Launchpad Bundle on our website.

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – AKAI APC-40 with Samson HP-10 Headphones

When a program offers the kind of flexibility and stability users have come to love in Ableton Live, the quest of the user becomes one of how to access all the tools at their disposal quickly, accurately and efficiently. Developed by Akai in partnership with the folks at Ableton, the APC40 set out to answer this question and immediately picked up a dedicated user base.

One could be forgiven for thinking the APC40 a live performance tool, but what’s more important than being able to work fluidly in your studio? Inspiration doesn’t strike every day, and if/when it does, you want to be able to move fast before it gets away. With dedicated LED lit clip controls, a fader bank, 16 knobs, a dedicated crossfader and a host of buttons for navigating Ableton with mouse free ease, the MPC is destined to become your studio weapon of choice as much as your go to tool for live performance. Finally, Ableton Live communicates with the APC40 like they were made for each other… because they were. Thanks to this, instant feedback helps you track your clips and dummy clips so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to blow up the dance floor because you were trying to triple check that you were about to hit the right button.

Whether you are a seasoned Ableton veteran or a novice with big plans, the APC40 is a full featured tool made to help you get the most out of this revolutionary software package. Don’t have Ableton yet? No worries, the APC40 ships with a copy of Ableton Live Akai Professional APC40 Edition. Get yours now and one day when you meet some “back in the day” DIY controllerist talking about how they used to tape up their midi controllers with 8 colors of gaff tape and split functions between keyboard keys; you can shake your head, toss them a quarter and casually wonder about the “olden days” while you work on your next killer track. Check out the APC40 Bundle on our website for more information and to purchase it.

EDITOR’S CHOICE – Native Instruments Maschine with Sampson HP-10 Headphones

Native Instruments’ Maschine is a complete solution for beat making and sequencing with both step and real time sequencing options. The on-board LCD screens and full featured top level control help you to make beats and music fast with rock solid timing. Flexible effects routing and the powerful sampling at the heart of this little beast make the Maschine not just a powerful standalone application and hardware combination, but also have it set to integrate and add speed to your current workflow in your favorite DAW.

The full featured hardware controller that makes up Maschine’s physical components isn’t just for the Maschine software either. With with 16 high-quality pads, 41 buttons, and 11 rotary encoders for playing, recording, sequencing, automation, and arrangement that can easily be adapted for control of your other software devices. What’s more, for Komplete users, Maschine offers tight, total integration. It also sits quite comfortably next to your favorite Traktor controllers giving you a whole host of new creative options for your live sets.

So, with a faster workflow, seamless integration with whatever you already have and a mountain of features, the question isn’t whether you should be using Maschine, the question is: why haven’t you gotten yours yet? You can get your Maschine Bundle on our website.


Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up? This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip, here with We’ve got some holiday remix and production bundles just for you, let’s check it out.

Ok, our starter bundle is going to consist of the Novation Launchpad, as well as a case, and a pair of Samson HP10 headphones. Very popular piece, you’re going to love it.

The best bang for the buck bundle is going to consist of the AKAI APC40, as well as the Samson HP10 headphones. This is an awesome way to start producing.

Our editors choice is going to consist of the ever popular Native Instruments Maschine. This is also going to come with the Samson HP10 headphones. An awesome bundle, this is my favorite.

And there you have it, some holiday bundles if you are starting to remix and do production. For more details and pricing on this check out as well as our blog.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and also on Twitter. This is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip. Be you, be unique, and happy holidays from


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