November 25, 2011

Holiday Buying Guide: Keyboard Bundles

These days you can easily do everything from one keyboard and you have the luxury of having literally hundreds of synthesizer, drums, and acoustic and orchestral sounds to choose from.  We want to make it very easy to buy a keyboard this holiday season so we are offering our 3 choices in the keyboard range to make you or your keyboard fanatic super happy.  Check it out.

STARTER PACKAGE – M-Audio Venom with keyboard stand and Samson HP-10S headphones

This is a great virtual analog synth to get started making music.  It has a collection of amazing sounds from classic 70′s and 80′s synths and drum machines as well as modern effects and touches like USB and MIDI ports, microphone pre-amps and digital audio outputs.  It’s very easy to start creating EDM and dance oriented music right out of the box.

The M-Audio Venom 49-key synthesizer combines the character of classic analog synths with modern digital processing to deliver an aggressive, infectious new sound. Whet your appetite with the included presets, then sink your teeth into creating original sounds—from atmospheric and subtle, to angry and downright nasty. Easily tweak parameters from the intuitive top-panel interface, or explore endless sound design and configuration possibilities with the included software editor. Perform bass lines, leads, and more with a full-size keyboard designed to satisfy serious players. You can even use Venom as an audio interface with Pro Tools M-Powered* and other music software—forming a powerful production machine to take your music in dangerous new directions.

* Requires Pro Tools M-Powered 8 or higher.

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BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – Roland Juno Gi with keyboard stand and Samson HP-10 headphones

In the JUNO tradition of great sound, compact design, easy operation, and affordable price, the new JUNO-Gi delivers big.  What propels this power-synth into another realm, however, is its supercharged feature set with over 1,300 fresh sounds, an onboard eight-track digital recorder, and pro effects created by BOSS.  Write, record, mix, master, and perform anywhere with the new JUNO-Gi.

The JUNO-Gi has been designed with the performer in mind.  It provides supreme mobility thanks to its lightweight body and battery-power compatibility (up to three hours of continuous operation with eight NiMH AA batteries), letting you experience the freedom of performance in any environment.  Roland’s battery-powered amps such as the BA-330 and KC-110 are perfect companions for the JUNO-Gi during street performances.  Performers will also appreciate the JUNO-Gi’s friendly front panel, which is covered with hands-on controls, clearly marked and easy to reach.  The enlarged 240×64 graphic LCD provides clear visibility and fast navigation, even on outdoor gigs with troublesome sun glare.

The JUNO-Gi’s built-in eight-track digital recorder with 64 virtual tracks provides a full-featured multitrack studio environment, complete with dedicated transport controls and mix faders.  The recording media is a removable SD or SDHC card, with up to 192 hours of recording time possible when using a single 32GB SDHC card!  Also supported is full import and export of track data with a computer.  The same pro performance effects found in the BOSS GT series are built into the JUNO-Gi, as well as effects designed for vocal processing.  Connect a guitar or microphone directly and apply these top-quality effects for instant CD-quality sound as you record.

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EDITOR’S CHOICE – Yamaha Motif XF6 with keyboard stand and Samson HP-10s headphones

The next-generation Yamaha Motif XF builds on the decade-long heritage of Motif and breaks new ground with Flash memory expansion capabilities that will set the standard for keyboard workstations for years to come.  It’s loaded with 741MB of internal Wave ROM that includes incredibly realistic pianos and acoustic instruments, vintage synths, and the hip hop sounds that all of today’s top producers are using.

A sophisticated 8-element synth architecture with XSpanded articulation and 18 different filter types let you shape your sound anyway you want, and the 8 front-panel knobs and sliders make it easy to do even in real time.  1664 Voices and 97 Drum Kits put more sounds at your fingertips than ever before.  A Category Search function makes it easy to find the sounds you need.  This is my favorite workstation because the sequencer is very intuitive and extremely easy to use.  I can do everything from start to finish including sampling vocals on the XF6 and complete my project in less than an hour.  Amazing.

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These and many more gift ideas are available at the website and throughout our blog.  Happy holidays from Unique Squared and until next time, happy gigs!