November 25, 2011

Holiday Buying Guide: DJ Bundle

With so many DJ controllers available on the market, it’s hard to figure out which one to select for the holidays. Deciding between 2-Deck and 4-Deck controllers is tough, then there’s the decision whether to get a controller that works with Traktor, Serato, or Virtual DJ. The options are abundant and no controller is the same as another. We’ve put together these three bundles to help make your decision easier.  They are divided into three categories, starter, bang for you buck, and our editor’s choice. Check it out.

STARTER PACKAGE – Hercules MK4 with  Dennon HP500 Headphones

For those of you just starting out in DJing, you need not look further than Hercules and their MK4 DJ controller.  Hercules is credited with creating the first DJ controller and they are absolute experts in controller creation as this controller has all the features you would need.

The Hercules MK4 controller is great for beginner DJs and doesn’t sacrifice any essential components in the process. Starting out with the body, it has your typical DJ layout with a mixer and two jog wheels. This is a 2-Deck controller meaning that you can mix between 2 songs at once and the 3 faders(1 cross, 2 volume) allow you to transition between them seamlessly.

The MK4 comes paired with Virtual DJ, which is a great software for those getting into DJing. The MK4 works well with the software, allowing you to set loops, cue points, and trigger effects to remix on the fly. With it’s small size, and light weight construction, this piece travels really way while not taking up too much space wherever you go with it. You can purchase the MK4 bundle on our website.

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – NI Traktor Kontrol S2 with Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones and Monster RCA cables

I am a huge fan of everything Native Instruments and they really pulled out all of the stops when they created this two deck beast of a controller.  Its essentially the “same thing” as the S4 but its a bit smaller and missing a loop recorder.  This really bridges the gap between pro and amateur controllerism  because of the amount of expression one can put into their tracks.

The Native Instruments (NI) Traktor Kontrol S2 is the little brother of the S4. Though it only has 2-deck control, compared to the S4 with 4-deck control, it’s easily one of the most professional DJ controllers on the market. It has the same rugged design and durable build, just like the S4, and boasts generally the same layout. The big difference is that rather than having volume faders and eq controls for 4-decks it has only 2. This does allow the Kontrol S2 to have a smaller construction, while maximizing the space it has.

The Kontrol S2 is the only DJ controller of it’s size to come with a Full Version of Traktor Pro 2 DJ software. Compared to other controllers that come with basic or “lite” versions of the software, the S2 has the full, industry leading DJ software packaged in the box. Since the Kontrol S2 was built by the same company that designs the software, it integrates perfectly, and is ready to go right out of the box.

The Kontrol S2 has great looping features that allow you to either automatically set a loop or set autoloops ranging in many different lengths. It has 4 dedicated hot cue buttons so that you can jump back and forth through a track, remixing on the fly. It also has sample decks witch add extra flare to your DJ set when performing live. You can read more technical information on the Kontrol S2 on our website, and purchase the Kontrol S2 bundle there as well.


EDITOR’S CHOICE – Numark NS6 with Odyssey Case, Numark Redwave Headphones and Monster RCA Cables


This controller is beastly, I choose it as our editors choice because this thing is pro all the way around.  Its built like a tank, has extremely expressive jog wheels and works with Serato ITCH so the older school vinyl DJs wont have much of a learning curve coming from digital vinyl.  The Numark RedWave headphones are the perfect compliment because they are super light and comfortable for all of those long nights on the road.

The Numark NS6 was one of the most anticipated DJ controllers to come out in 2011. It has a sturdy construction, large jog wheels, and 4-deck control. The jog wheels on the NS6 have LED lights that revolve around the wheel, helping you know how fast your track it. The touch sensitive tops allow you scratch songs, when in scratch mode. The NS6 features something called “strip search” which alloys it’s user to easily navigate through the track by just swiping your finger throughout the touch strip. It’s layout is extremely efficient for all of the functions it can do.

The NS6 comes with Serato ITCH software, and right out of the box, it can be used. Serato ITCH software adapts to whatever compatible controller it is used with and the NS6 is no exception. The NS6 works seamlessly with the software but what makes the NS6 great is that it can also be mapped to Traktor. The NS6 is a versatile DJ controller that can also be used as a stand alone mixer.

Whether you are using the NS6 with Serato ITCH or Traktor, you can set loops either manually or automatically and also trigger hot cues. It has a dedicated browse section, which allows it’s user to easily navigate through their music library and select the next song to be played. Effects can be selected and set for each deck for added remixing. We’ve bundled the NS6 with the Odyssey case so you can protect your investment. To see more technical specs on the NS6 or purchase the NS6 bundle, check out our website.


Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip, here with We’ve got some holiday DJ bundles just for you, to make your holiday shopping that much easier.

Our starter bundle is going to consist of the Hercules DJ console MK4, and the Denon HP500 headphones. This is perfect to get started DJing at a really budget price.

Our best bang for the buck bundle is going to consist of the Native Instruments Kontrol S2, Pioneer HDJ-500 headphones, which also come in white, red, and black, also the Monster 12 foot DJ RCA cables.

And here’s our editors choice for DJ bundles. The ever popular Numark NS6, Odyssey road case, Numark red wave headphones, and just for good measure we’re going to throw in the 12 foot monster DJ RCA cables. Excellent.

So there you have it, some DJ controller holiday bundles just for you. For more details and the best pricing check out our website, and also we’ve got a specific blog for these controls.

Thanks for following us on Twitter and on Facebook. I’m Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip, be you, be unique, and happy holidays from