November 25, 2011

Holiday Buying Guide: Handheld Digital Recorders Bundles

Portable digital recorders are quickly becoming the go to method for many musicians who want to record their jam sessions, rehearsals, or live performances. They provide outstanding quality and little hassle when quickly capturing musical inspiration. In addition they have become immensely popular among independent filmmakers, journalists, or even students who want to record lectures. The possibilities are endless and for that reason there are many recorders on the market today with varying degrees of functionality and price. For the audiophile in your life who wants one of these bad boys this holiday season, we are here to make it easy to pick just the right portable recorder.


The Tascam DR-05 is great recorder for anyone who wants to get started recording audio on the go. It has XY condenser microphones, records to stereo MP3, and records up to 32 GB of audio. The 1/8” external microphone jack makes the DR-05 even more versatile when compared to other recorders at this price. USB 2.0 connectivity allows for optimal transfer of audio, from the DR-05 to your computer, so you can start editing and sharing your recordings right away.

Its easy to monitor  your recordings with the on screen dB meter and a line out for headphone monitoring. The DR-05 comes equipped with a built in speaker so you can playback your recordings without headphones. With built in EQ functions, a chromatic tuner, and a built in editing function, this recorder does more than just capture sound. A really great recorder at an even better price makes the Tascam DR-05 our pick for those of us looking for a portable digital recorder this holiday season.

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The Zoom H2n is the next generation in Zoom’s ever popular H2 line of recorders. It has many of the same functions you will find the H2 as well as the H4n but with some new improvements to the hardware. The most exciting improvement is the inclusion of 5 microphones within the capsule and the ability to switch between mid-side, 2 channel, 4 channel surround, and XY stereo recording. The H2n has an option for an 1/8” external microphone input as well as an input for remote control.

You have the ability to monitor recordings via the screen, headphone input, and on-board speaker as well as USB 2.0 connectivity for transferring recordings. The brain on the H2n has several EQ functions, a chromatic tuner, a metronome, as well as mixer functions and onboard editing features. The H2n comes with Steinberg Wavelab LE audio editing software so you can start trimming and beefing up your recordings right out of the box.

The standout features on the H2n is the ability to record up to 20 hours on 2 AA batteries as well as the data recovery system which saves your recordings even if the H2n powers down from lack of power. The H2n is one of our favorites because of the advanced functionality and versatility in such a small package. A truly great recorder at an even better price.

You can read a full review of the H2n or watch the video review here.

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The Zoom H4n is the industry leader in portable digital audio recording devices. This is because the H4n has the most features and functionality of any portable audio recorder on the market today. The combination 1/4” and XLR inputs make it great for connecting a guitar, microphone, or any other instrument straight into the H4n. In addition to the outstanding X/Y condenser microphones, there is also an input for an 1/8” external microphone.

You can monitor your recordings with the provided dB meter, headphone inputs, as well as the built in speaker. The H4n has several EQ, mixing, and editing functions in addition to an on-board metronome and tuner. The cool thing about the construction is that it is built to be mounted on to nearly any surface. For filmmakers, it has the same threading that you would find in many apparatuses for mounting and for musicians, the joint can easily be placed on a mic stand with a simple adapter.

If you are in need of an advanced portable digital recorder with incredible functionality and sound quality, there is no better pick than the Zoom H4n.

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