November 25, 2011

Holiday Buying Guide: Electronic Drum Kit Bundles

If you’re a drummer, you know how hard it is to be able to practice or jam on your kit without making the whole neighborhood file a petition to stop the noise. You need a way to hear and feel the power of a drum kit while remaining quiet. The best way to do that is with an electronic drum kit. Now while these kits do provide an alternative to noisy acoustic drums, they also have incredible features that allow for more than just a muted practice/jam experience. They have built in sounds, training tools, and connectivity to your personal computer so you can download more sounds or start recording. There are a plethora of kits out there so we decided to help you pick the best one for your Little Drummer Boy (or Girl) this holiday season.



Maybe the person you are giving the gift of drumming to has little experience or wants to start getting into drumming. Then look no further than the Alesis DM6. This is a 5 piece electronic drum kit with 3 cymbals and pedals to control the hi hat and bass drum. The module on the DM6 comes equipped with USB connectivity so you can plug the kit straight up to your computer for recording and syncing applications. There are 1/8” audio ins and outs within the module making it great for plugging up an iPod and some headphones so you can rock out to your favorite songs.

The pads have a nice feel and rebound well and the snare drum even has two triggers. This allows for assignment of different sounds to both the head and rim of the snare drum. If you are a player that likes to use a double kick pedal, the kick drum pad is large enough to fit both kick beaters.

Bottom line, this kit is great for beginners who are looking to start drumming but have limited space or rehearse in an area where loud volumes are a problem. For a 5 piece electronic drum kit, you cant beat the price on this one.

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BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Alesis DM10 Pro Kit with Roland Accessories

Now if you are a drummer who has a few more chops than the beginner, you will definitely want to take a look at the Alesis DM10 Pro. This is a 5 piece electronic drum kit with 3 cymbals and a an advanced drum module. The cymbals are made from a metal alloy which means they feel like real cymbals but with triggers built in for electronic applications. The drum module has 1/4” inputs for all the pads and even has extra inputs if you want to add more cymbals or pads later down the road. The module also has MIDI in and out as well as port for USB connectivity.

The pads are outfitted with mylar skins and a counter hoop system so they look and feel like real drum heads. They can all be tightened or loosened for peffered rebound action from stick hits. In addition the sensitivity of all the heads can be adjusted through the brain making the Alesis DM10 Pro fit any style of play.

The reason this kit is the Best Bang for Your Buck is because it comes with the Roland V-Drums Accessory Pack which includes a kick pedal, drum throne, and drum sticks. So if you are looking for the one stop shop for that electronic drum kit purchase, there is no better value and ease of purchase than the Alesis DM10 Pro. This is perfect for the drummer just starting out who may need some additional pieces to make their setup complete. With this bundle, all you have to is set up, plug in, and rock out!

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EDITOR’S CHOICE: Roland TD-9K2 with DW Accessory Pack

So for our editor’s choice we went with the Roland TD-9K2. Roland is the industry leader in high performance electronic drum kits and the TD-9K2 is no exception. This is a 5 piece electronic drum kit with 3 cymbals, a hi-hat pedal, and drum module. This kit is definitely for the experienced drummer who wants to explore the space of electronic drums.

What makes Roland such a great electronic drum manufacturer is their attention to feel with their drum pads. The mesh heads have a great rebound and can be adjusted to fit any style of play. The cymbals are triggered throughout the entire cymbal instead of a single rubber surface which makes them feel more like real cymbals.

The module allows you to add more pads or cymbals and has a mix line in so you can jam to your favorite tunes. It also has USB connection and MIDI in and out so its easy to hook up to your preferred DAW or audio interface and start recording right out of the box.

With hundreds of kits, sounds, and songs to play along to, the Roland TD-9K2 is a great kit for any drummer looking to get into electronic drumming.

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These and many more gift ideas are available at the website and throughout our blog.  Happy holidays from Unique Squared!


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