December 30, 2011



Xponent Traktor 2 .TSI Mapping


  1. this is the best i have ever seen my exponent work thanks guys…!!

  2. great mappings, but my headphone doesn’t seem to work though

    • Are you using the latest release of Traktor Pro 2? Is your gain set at 0? Make sure you check the headphone volume as well.

  3. Awesome

  4. Is it for any special version of Traktor, can i have the download link? cuz my exponent doesn’t work with the tsi

  5. I have installed the TSI mapping and seems to work fine except the level lights do not work on the xponent and when using the master volume on the xponent it does not show the changes on traktor pro 2 and when browsing the playlist using the midi controls the songs are moved up or down by 3 to 4 songs not 1 at a time. Are these settings part of the mapping or is there something missing that I need to do?

    • We are working on getting the lights to work and will re-release a mapping. In regards to the browser. It should be an issue with the sensitivity of the knob and that can be changed in the settings.

  6. Hi, I get the torque exponent to work with tractor duo 2!
    Can you please help!!

  7. Sorry I meant I can’t get exponent to work with tractor duo 2!
    thank you

  8. can i turn on from vinyl to cdj mode ? is there anyway to make the jogwheels work like a cdj by pressing a botton ?

  9. Great mapping! The best arround i think…. But how i can change from vinyl to cd mode ? please help !

  10. UniqueSquared

    Have you tried accessing the Deck Mode pop-up menu?

  11. Great mapping !! With full led support will be my favorite !!

  12. Im having trouble with traktor 2.0.3 with tsi . The first one is with the cue points, i cant set diferent points with the buttons on the torq xponent, when i press for example the button with the 2, it set all the cue point and the others buttons doesnt work. Also i want to know if theres any asigned command for the Filter. Thank You

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