January 12, 2012

Winter NAMM Show 2012 and SLAM Studios

Every year all of the professional audio manufacturers get together in Anaheim and showcase their latest products. Some are things you have been drooling over for months and some have yet to be announced. We here at UniqueSquared want to give you all of the latest information on these products so we are headed out to California from January 19th-22nd to cover the NAMM Show 2012 live.

NAMM Coverage 2011

The coverage at NAMM Show 2011 was a first for UniqueSquared. There were so many products that we wanted to show you guys but we had to pick and choose those that really stood out on the show floor. We had a 3 man crew covering the entire show which included a couple camera men and of course our illustrious host Scott Magno DJ MadFlip. After 3 days of intense non stop filming we came back with 17 videos of new and then unreleased products, an interview with one our previous contest winners and eventual Unique Artist (Justin 3LAU), and a fun wrap up video to show you guys the NAMM show, UniqueSquared style.  We thought we did a pretty good job but there were so many more things to show you guys, so this year we are stepping up our game.

S.L.A.M. Studios

Because of the need to cover as much as possible this year, I am excited to introduce you guys to a new company we have partnered with which we have recruited to help us at this year’s NAMM Show. S.L.A.M. Studios (which stands for Sound, Light, and Motion) is a multimedia company that handles all of our video production, photography, and blogs.

We brought S.L.A.M. Studios in since they specialize in all types of media content from film production to photography as well as press style coverage of musicians, music festivals, and music industry conventions. They will be helping us film product reviews, tutorials, and providing you with helpful information on everything at NAMM. They will also be on tour with the Unique Squared Mobile Studio filming, photographing, and blogging at every event we attend. They will be providing you guys with all the latest news about events like Winter Music Conference, South by Southwest, A3C Hip Hop festival, and countless others as we roll through towns all over the country this year. They will be providing you guys with all the latest news on professional audio, musical instruments, and digital recording equipment.


Video Coverage

Last year was a great success but we felt that we could do a lot more for you guys this year. Our team this year has doubled in size and we will have two camera crews covering the show floor. This is so we do not miss a single announcement or piece of gear in our extensive coverage of NAMM. We want you guys to see anything and everything that will be showcased at NAMM before it is released to the public. Because of our continued devotion to you, the music lover and gear head, we will be filming products as they are unveiled to the world and hosting those videos on our YouTube Channel. Make sure to check our YouTube channel throughout the week of NAMM as we will be posting videos daily.

Live Blogger

The video team has a lot of ground to cover and we want to make sure you guys see everything. For this reason, we decided to bring along a live blogger to assist us in covering everything on the show floor. We are excited to announce that Lonely Paul, one of our tech experts and contributing writers for the blog, will be accompanying us at NAMM. He will be blogging live on the show floor to cover anything and everything you guys want to know about. He will be taking pictures and writing extensive informative articles about the gear and major players in the pro audio world. If you subscribe to our blog, you will get real time updates about where Lonely Paul is and what he is checking out. Make sure he is not always so lonely by posting questions and comments to his blogs.

Follow Us at the Show

NAMM is an incredible experience for music and gear fans and we want to bring you that experience if you’re not able to make it out to the show. We want to thank you guys for keeping up with us so we will be keeping up with you as we traverse the show floor. Maybe there is a product you are dying to see or a company that you are devoted to and want to see what they have in store for 2012. If so, we want to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Blog so you can post comments and let us know what you want to see on the show floor.

Thanks again and rock on!

NAMM 2011 Recap UniqueSquared


  1. Dreamr says:

    Did my comment just vanish????

    I’d like to guest author here for traktor and ableton stuff, both djing and production. Who do I have to kill (email) to submit article submissions? :D

    Find me @ or @

    Love the blog!

  2. Mario R. says:

    NAMM after Xmas make me feel bad about the Gifts I just recived


  3. Angel Y says:

    Great stuff, I can’t wait to see what NI is planning to release. Those pics online are such a tease!
    And I’d love for ya’ll to cover the new Akai MPC Studio if you get a chance! =)

  4. Abigail says:

    Paul Reed Smith guitars/amps. Taylor acoustics. And Mesa amps :) )

  5. Gkevmo says:

    Would love a review of the Allen and Heath GLD 80!!

  6. Chris Pavlock says:

    love namm after the holidays got lots of money and can spend it on some new dj gear twitter @DJ_PAV

  7. D.Thompson says:

    NI X2, More on N4 & Serato Intro

    1. D.Thompson says:

      Bitwig Studio under Linux being used with some (DAW) controllers from Novation or Akai. I wanna see more more more Linux compatible DJ/Production Soft & Hardware — But I understand Bitwig won’t have a stand but see what you can dig up!

  8. Herman says:

    I would like to see that new traktor controller if they announce it.

  9. Mario R. says:

    Any Traktor Pro Software Update

    1. Mario R. says:

      Will be fine with major updates and improvements!!

  10. Mike W. says:

    I’d like to see an in-depth look at NI’s “Maschine” MIDI controller.

  11. Freddy says:

    Very excited about what Serato is going to publish… Maybe finally the Video Support for itch I am waiting for for quite a while!! :-) Hope to See some Videos from that stand from you guys! ;-)

  12. Tyler Linke says:

    Definitely in-depth look at Maschine like Mike W. said and also the new MPC’s from Akai. I would like to see if they compare at all which I doubt Akai’s new line will compare to the Maschine.

  13. Deepak says:

    can you check out Open Labs, not sure if they’re going to be present at NAMM, I can’t get enough info about that company, most folks don’t even know about it !

  14. Kai S. says:

    Personally, I would love to see the new Traktor midi controllers coming out; I’m a big fan of midi capabilities. The past couple of years have streamlined midi with devices and controllers like the Hercules RMX, Novation’s Dicer, and the Midi Fighter Series. I love them all! I’d also like to see some coverage of midi keyboards, monitors, and mixers too. I’m working on building my own studio and would love an inside look on a few of these products because I’m looking to upgrade a lot of my old recording equipment! Thanks Unique Squared :D