DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 18, 2012

Numark N4: First Look Overview

Just when you thought it was safe to make your DJ controller purchase along comes another category to throw a wrench into your consideration.  The Numark N4 is the lovechild of the popular Mixtrack Pro and the NS6.  It features 4 channels and “stand alone” mixer capability in a medium size, lightweight, great looking controller.  It is Numark’s entry into this new category of “mid-range” 4 deck controllers and can be used with Virtual DJ LE and Serato Intro (both included).  We received our advance demo in at Unique Studios last week and here’s what we discovered.

Numark N4 Overview and Review UniqueSquared

Standard Features

The Numark N4 is a medium size controller.  What does this mean?  Well, it’s physical size hovers somewhere between “looks like a toy” and “useful at a rave, but not at a club”.  It’s balanced XLR outputs, RCA booth outputs, and 2 1/4 inch microphone inputs, one with bass and treble.  This suggests that it can be used in a mobile DJ environment with much success.  It also has 2 RCA line/phono inputs that may be used on decks 3 and 4 or integrated with Virtual DJ Pro with the use of time code vinyl or CDs.  It’s jog wheels are identical in size to the Mixtrack Pro, but it’s 4 channel layout with placement of the loops, cues, FX buttons, and transport section likened to that of the Numark NS6.  There are also 4 small Video Fade buttons on either side of the cross-fader used when mixing video in Virtual DJ.  Overall it has a very standard, logical layout, it is built extremely well, and it looks very sleek and sexy.

Mixtrack Pro with N4

N4 with NS6

Virtual DJ LE or Serato Intro

The N4 allow for use of 4 decks, sampling, and video mixing with the included Virtual DJ LE.  You can always upgrade to Virtual DJ Pro in order to utilize full screen video mixing and time code capabilities on decks 3 and 4 with outboard turntable or CD players.  Serato Intro is also conveniently included, but you would only have the use of 2 decks and the absence of cue points.  This might seem very strange, but it does make sense to have the ability to use both software on a beginner controller albeit light or “LE” versions of both.  An overlay is also included to help designate the upper FX, looping, and deck switch sections when switching from Intro to Virtual DJ.

The Verdict

It is very curious that Numark has so many products in and around this price range with very similar capabilities.  The N4 represents an entry level 4 deck controller at a mid-range price point, that ships with limited or beginner versions of software.  It is compatible with full versions, but the additional cost for the software almost merits moving up to the next price point and advanced feature set.  For now the N4 really doesn’t offer any thing that new or exciting, but it is a solid controller.  The allure of this mid-range controller category can be interpreted differently to many people, but I think it is confusing as it is intriguing.  The N4 is a great mid-range controller mobile djs, and beginner and intermediate recreational djs.  It has a few more features than a Mixtrack Pro, but quite a few less with the included software versus the NS6 and the 4Trak.  So if you may or may not be serious about djing but you have $500 to think about it, the Numark N4 may or may not be perfect for you.  Until next time, happy gigs!


Video Transcript:

Hi this is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip, I’m here with Today we’re checking out one of Numark’s brand new controllers, the Numark N4.

The Numark N4 is going to be somewhere between the Mixtrack Pro and the NS6. This is going to be a two or four deck controller that comes with Serato Intro and Virtual DJ LE.

The Numark N4 is going to give you two deck control in Serato Intro and four deck and video control with Virtual DJ LE.

It’s pretty cool that it can also be used as a stand alone mixer, it’s got XLR balanced outputs, it’s also got RCA booth outputs and two microphone inputs.

So, that kind of screams out that it could be used for a sort of mobile DJ application. It also has two RCA inputs for channels 3 and 4. So you can use that with a turntable, or a CD player, as a backup.

The really cool thing about the N4, is that if you upgrade to Virtual DJ Pro, you can actually use timecode through the N4. That’s really nice, that’s very similar to what you can do on the Kontrol S4, super cool.

You know it’s almost as if the Mixtrack Pro and the NS6 had a kid, you would get the N4, it’s really cool.

It’s got good solid plastic construction, pretty slick layout. The jog wheels are almost identical to that of the mixtrack pro, but yet the layout is very, very similar to the NS6.

It’s pretty standard, you get everything you find in controllers. You’ve got good jogs, buttons, nice faders. The layout is a little different going from Serato Itch to Virtual DJ LE.

You’ve got this nice little over lay which helps you designate those things.

For the most part you’ve got control of loop, effects, and samples in Virtual DJ LE. You also have this video fade section that you would use it Virtual DJ LE, that’s pretty cool.

However, you are lacking any kind of cue points within Serato Intro so that’s something you’ll definitely have to get used to.

Now the Numark N4 has the sound card built in, so pretty high quality USB interface. This allows you to record from digital or analog sources and record that into your software, that is very handy to have.

So there it is guys, the Numark N4, two or four deck controller for Serato Intro or Virtual DJ LE.

Who knows? Maybe we’re going to give you guys a mapping for Traktor as well, that would be pretty cool.

If you have any other questions about the Numark N4 please check out the blog that we’ve got written about this, you’ll get a lot of good information on it there.

As always, thanks for following us on Twitter and friending us on Facebook. This is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip, be you, be unique, at


  1. hector says:

    ¿quiero saber el costo?

    1. ariff says:

      We don’t know the price yet, but can guess it will be between $400-$600.

  2. Brandon says:

    Great review guys much appreciated! I was actually looking for the size comparison between this and the Mixtrack Pro and the pictures helped a lot. My question is how do the buttons compare to the Mixtrack Pro ? I mean the buttons on the Mixtrack Pro make a loud clacking sound and overall the build it is really light and plastic, so are the buttons soft or are the the same? Also how can you compare the audio quality sound card compared to the Mixtrack Pro, I noticed they have XLRs outputs so I have a pair of KRK Rokits which have these inputs so I was thinking I could take advantage. And lastly is this worth the upgrade at double the price from the Mixtrack Pro? Thanks a lot !

  3. Pietro says:

    Great review! Would be great to know the shipping weight. Thanks a lot from Chile!

  4. adi says:

    traktor mapping ?

    1. ariff says:

      We should have one soon…

  5. Kristian Hibbert says:

    Does anybody know if/how this controller can be used with Traktor Pro 2?

    1. Yes, it can be used with Traktor but it ships with VDJ and Serato Intro.

  6. DJ TRAKMASS says:

    Can you use V7′s with this? I was curious because I was looking into a new mixer but if this will work, it would be a fantastic backup for my mobile setup!!!!!

    1. You can’t use V7′s with this set-up. The software won’t recognize both.

  7. roger says:


    Is this controller good for using in clubs???or need i to go for the s2 or s4??
    i need a mobile controller for club use.

    1. This is perfect for beginners, but I would go for the S4 if you’re going to be in a club a lot.

  8. ALDO says:

    i have the n4, been playing with it for 2month or something now, just wondering how to use it with serato ITCH??? as virtual dj and intro are not very good..

    1. It’s not currently compatible with Serato Itch. Look for our mapping with Traktor Pro soon.

  9. Stef says:

    I am looking for a new dj controller. I started with hercules mp3 e2 but I want to take a next step. I thought about the numark n4 or the pioneer ddj-ergo. The numark is much easier for 4-deck dj but is that very important? What do you think its a better overal controller?