January 20, 2012

AKAI MPC DJ – Sneak Peek at NAMM

So. This is one of the more interesting things we saw on the floor today. You saw this and freaked out, right? You said “why did this thing take so long?” Right?

Well, it’s gonna take a little longer. From what I was told, this is a prototype device being created between the minds at Numark and AKAI. They are trying to incorporate well loved concepts from the MPC series and bring them to the DJ controller. Their target market? The DJ producer looking to blend their processes together and hopefully find new inspiration in the process. I know what you’re thinking- yes this does mean you.

That’s why AKAI and Numark want to know what you want in this thing. Right now, this is a prototype. Beautiful chassis and rotating platters aside, you’re pretty much looking at a blank slate. These companies want it to be your dream machine and they can’t tell you what you want. So this is your forum. Tell us and we’ll pass it along.

A quote from Casey of Numark/ Alesis/ AKAI: “This is not vaporware, this is reality.”

Think about it. Tell us what you want in the comments.

Numark MPC DJ Concept at NAMM 2012 UniqueSquared


  1. UGN says:

    I would prefer the 4*4 pad-matrix to be on the bottom of the mix section. It’s very uncomfortable to grab over the faders to play with it.

    Is this an only-serato (ableton bridge) controller? A traktor version would be nice, because everybody knows that traktor is going to upgrade their software to use such controllers.

    1. Amplify says:

      and that argument is why this type of equipment is obsolete from the start. why get a static built in NS7 x AKAI DJ controller when you can have your regular NS7, along with a standalone AKAI MPD32, with complete portability, and for those times when you dont even need to use a MIDI controller for a gig.

      most likely this is going to come with a new software that is made for the hardware specifically (AKAI developed a beat sequencer software to compliment the new MPC Rennaisance) so dont look forward to Traktor Pro integration anytime soon.

      they are going to need a GUI system that meshes well with this traditional MPC 4×4 pad layout. standard NS7s come with Serato Itch, and even with 2.0 (SP 6 sample player plug in, 2-decks 5 HotCues), a 4×4 pad structure would look really sloppy.

      i dont see what the 4 inline faders on the mixer section are used for. 4 Virtual Deck incorporation with the new software perhaps? A nice little parallel to the Kontrol S4 it seems.

  2. Dj Kave says:

    Looks cool, hopefully the jog wheels will be of good quality! I personally, however, would like the EQ’s too switch places with the pads. I believe that the EQ’s should be just above from the volume and crossfaders, not too far from reach.

    Also, whats with the volume faders on this one? I think they should go back to the drawing board in that aspect. They looks like the faders on the Mackie studio that I use sometimes for production, which is alright. However, if were talking about live performance, I think they should change it up too the usual horizontal style fader. Everyone likes those, and much easier too use than the ones shown above. Beyond that, looks like a great controller! I think this is the first of many that we’ll see with this style.

    1. Mario R. says:

      About the pads I had the same thoug, the EQ knobs section will fit better in the middle rather than the pads grid but I think Numark wants to represent that the knobs section will affect Everything below

    2. chris T says:

      no fear….the “jog wheels” are the same spinning platters taken from the ns7 & V7. Probably the most understated DJ controllers ever made. Nothing comes close to the real feel quality and low latency performance. Pioneer and the rest are trading reputation not the product.

  3. Mario R. says:

    I would be nice if the MPC DJ software that I suppose is going to bundle with the Akay MPC DJ it can be synced to iPad and Android apps, like the KORG WIST that is already been include in some apps

  4. ZR says:

    I would prefer the 4×4 pad’s to be above the mixer controls and they should be able to access the 4 banks for DJ’s to store Samples and loops. i will surely look forward to adding this to my collection of controllers as i have moved from the Mixtrack Pro to NS6 and den to the MPCDJ!!! :) thanks for sharing this great news and will patiently await other prototypes.

  5. JDam says:

    support for Traktor would be amazing. Also, are there phono jacks on the mixer too? That would be crucial for turntablest.

  6. Mario R. says:

    Knobs with push fuxntionality to Kill mids lows higs or the filter (I suposse the 4th knob could be a Filter Knob)

  7. LonelyPaul says:

    Hey guys, all of this is fantastic feedback. I think Akai are open to hearing everything from complaints to what software it should work with and where/ what the knobs and pads should be and do. While it is always more gratifying to have the product in our hands, I think it is very exciting to see such a concept car type device put up for public input. Who knows what we’ll see between prototype and release?

  8. Pedro Moreira says:

    Ableton and pro tools capable…traktor and serato for live with the capabilities of playing videos which serato is coming out with (like virtual dj) pretty much the trak4 and ns6 plus akai all mixed in

  9. Treadstone says:

    This is a very cool looking piece!!

    1. I would like the 4×4 and the mixer faders switched also, so the mixer faders are right above the volume controls.
    2. I would like the knobs on the volume control replaced also.
    3. It would be good of this can be mapped to multiple softwares like itch/tracktor/ableton live and supported (hopefully). I think having 1 controller secluded to 1 software limits the possibilities and then the end-user suffers, cause the software vendor isn’t forced to add all the wanted/necessary bells and wistles.
    4. Video support would be great!

  10. Treadstone says:

    Ohhh and if teh effects can be included in this one controller instead of a separate module that would be good!

  11. Treadstone says:

    Ohhh and if the effects can be included in this one controller instead of a separate module that would be good!

  12. colby says:

    This will destroy the kontrol s4

  13. chris T says:

    Ok – After a little thought here my penny’s worth.

    The the controller concept is great, as is the decision to use premium components in its build. My only nag, I cannot see a Fx section. I guess it will be sold as an optional extra like the ns7fx – a bit rubbish but not the end of the world as I would guess most producers would want fx post fade.

    Given controllers are just that….. controllers. The success of this unit is in the hands of Akai developing great software. So here is my software want list from a Dj’s perspective.

    1- The best possible sound quality and format flexibility.

    2- A pre performance option to “warp” variable BPM’s

    3- Dummie proof post performance “ableton Mixtape” feature

    4- Auto gain

    5- Rock solid music “file tree” search. ( VDJ have done this very well)

    6- Beat synced fx

    7- Possibly a Midi clock for lighting or VJ software expansion?

    8- Mutable decks

    9- Assignable deck lock. A one command effects all system- i.e, spin back player 1and the deck 3 playing a loop is also spun back in perfect sync leaving deck 2 unaffected.

  14. OMANGAS says: