January 20, 2012

ReLoop Terminal Mix 4 – First Look at NAMM

Digital DJs have to be loving life these days. There are so many options for programs and control surfaces to choose from and the market seemingly rises to meet every implant with one device or another.

While there are a number of well loved programs out there, it does tend to be that the names most often dropped are Ableton, Traktor and Serato. The three programs really do cover the needs of more than one type of DJ, with general consensus being that Ableton is the province of the technical and control freak oriented, with Traktor there for the technical DJ who wants to be a little more flexible and Serato there for the guys who just wanna use digital but keep things simple. Some users might disagree with this take on things and I want to highlight that my hierarchy here does not imply anything being better than the other. Mostly, I mean to say that different programs for different DJs operating in different styles is a sign of the individualistic DJ paradise of a market we are lucky enough to have access to.

However, with regards to Serato not being the choice of the technical DJ looking for flexibility; the ReLoop Terminal Mix 4 certainly seems to be out to eliminate this notion altogether.

I am not going to going list what makes every feature amazing or anything like that. I a going to give you specs and my first impression: I like this surface. It looks good, feels solid and really is a nice bit of kit. As far as it goes, if someone was only leaning towards Traktor a little but really wanting to go Serato, this might just seal the deal in Serato’s favor. 4 deck control and slicing functions are icing on a very enticing cake. I’ll be very interested to see how this offering from ReLoop does in the coming months.

At any rate, let’s cut to the specs:

Mixer Section

  • 4 Channel Club Mixer
  • Intelligent Kill Function
  • Deck Filter

Trax Section

  • Easy Library Navigation
  • Mouseless Playlist Management


  • XXL-Jogs with VinylGrip
  • Ultra-Flat ALU Platters
  • Quicksearch Function

Transport Section

  • Large Rubber Buttons
  • Precise Trigger Control

Cue & Slice

  • 4x Hot Cue
  • 4x Sampler
  • Cut n Loop Performance Mode


  • Smart Loop Section


  • 100mm Hi-Res Pitch Fader


  • Creative Effect Control

Rear Connectors

  • Mix and Aux Input
  • Phono/Line Input
  • Power House Audio Interface
  • Balanced Outputs

Front Connections

  • Flexible Channel Controls
  • 2x Headphone Output


What’s going on, this is Scott Magno, DJ Madflip, with, we are at winter NAMM 2012, I am with Gerald from Reloop.  We’re talking about the Terminal Mix, man, very fantastic, talk to me about it man, thank you so much for taking the time, let’s talk about it.
Alright, hi guys, how are you doing? Alright, let me show the Terminal Mix 4, which is our newest controller we just launched for the NAMM show in Anaheim, it’s our first four channel controller, so let’s have a look at it.  So at the core we have the four channel mixer layout here, with dedicated filters per channel, 3 for EQ, and the gains, we got here the master section with that large trackson quarter for really searching easy for searching fast with low buttons for each deck, and also for mouseless playless control, and here we got here, four buttons for easily searching through your crates, and searching easily and fast for your tracks.  Lets have a look at the deck control.  At the top we have the effects section with three knobs for controlling three effects simultaneously, and also an endless encoder.  Below this, we have the effects button for switching the effects on and off.  Here we find the smart loop control for changing the length of a loop, on easily triggering it.  Here is also our so called performance section, for 4 cue points, in the second layer you can also control 5 to 8 cue points, and below this the new sample section for controlling samples.  The wish of many users was also to integrate a longer pitch fader with 14 bit resolution and 100 millimeters length, so it’s really nice and smooth and you have easy, precise control for pitching your tracks.  What you might know from the Jockie, the style, the nice flat style of the jog wheel which we have integrated here.  We have a nice flat vinyl grip surface.  They are even larger as on the Jockey 3, and I find that they are really, very tight.  Also, the transport controls are nice rubberized buttons with a nice, tactile, quick click point.  At the rear side, we have, of course, balanced outputs, we have RCA outputs, booth outputs, DJ monitors, and also an auxiliary input for hooking up turntables, or CD players, fouraline switch.  And also very nice, the rooting here, you can either decide if it should be bypass the master and going directly into the software.  Same also with the microphone inputs, which also have tone control, so one full EQ.  Headphones, either 6.3 or also small connection for a 3.5, also with tone control.  It is coming with Serato DJ Intro out of the box, and Virtual DJ 7 LE.  Full deck version will be available from May for 599 US or 499 Euro.  Okay, so I think that is about it.
Yeah, absolutely, Gerald, thank you so much, very cool.  Congratulation.  Terminal makes it really incredible, very accurate, looking for great things, congratulations, once again.
Thanks a lot
Yes sir, yes sir.  There it is.  This is Scott Magno, DJ Madflip.  Be you, be unique,


  1. LEWISLACE says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing DJ Mad Flip doing a product video on this. Those platters look so slick

    1. Thanks, I can’t wait to get busy on this. It really felt great at NAMM and I’m very impressed with Reloop’s quality.