January 20, 2012

TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play and VoiceLive Play GTX – First Look at NAMM

TC Electronics want you singing silky smooth. We don’t know where the fixation came from, but they seem fairly certain they want to raise your production value. Who knows, maybe it was one open mic night too many.

Either way, it appears that the movement started with VoiceLive Touch will continue in floor pedal format.

The VoiceLive Play is a floor based vocal effects processor made to meet your needs out of the box. Boasting a “pick a genre, any genre” preset scheme, the VoiceLive Play has 200+ presets indexed by artist/song “inspiration.” Auto key detection helps provide pitch perfect harmonies and everything from doubling to pitch correction are there to thicken, enhance and polish the singers performance. The device offers USB direct recording functionality on top of the already present headphone and XLR outs. Practice, looping and vocal cancel functions round out a device that seems rack powerful despite being in a pedal package.

The VoiceLive Play GTX takes all the great features of the Play and adds in a full complement of T.C.’s cherished guitar effects. More artist presets are present here, as well as an expected additional amount of I/O to accomodate the fact tat this thing is capable of being at the heart of simultaneous guitar and vocal performances. It seems like this thing might really make singer/songwriter performances a more polished affair. Failing that, it will certainly ease up the work of a guitarist/frontman.

A critical thing to keep in mind about both of these devices is that, while they do offer a number of plug and play artist based presets, they also offer full deep editing. TC have been serving up fantastic effects for as long as I can remember. These devices are no exception. These things are really cool. Oh, and did I mention they are built like freaking Panzer tanks? Yeah… well… they are.


  1. garethb says:

    Neat extra info on this new launch. Does this new unit really have a lot of editing capability? Have been wondering about trading in my single correct and create TC units for one of these but that’s the one concern I have. Whether there’s as much flexibility around the presets as with the singles…

  2. Isaac Balbin says:

    I’m skeptical about how this will work in a loud stage environment where I have drums on my left and keyboard on my right. Will I need to boost the amount of keyboard coming from the foldback so that it can “hear” enough to ensure that it does harmonies in a minor key when needed as opposed the current preponderance default which seems to be a major key. I played around with the Voiceplay Touch with midi input from the keyboard and found that it sometimes scanned and other times didn’t … so sometimes the harmonies were in major when I was singing in minor. It was crazy.