1. I am planning to buy one…. which one do you suggest? Numark Mixtrack Pro or this one???

    • We are waiting for our own demo of this. How soon do you need something?

    • I am a mobile karaoke host and I use a Behringer Xenyx mixer, XM8500 mics as well as a Behringer B208d monitor speaker. I love the features of my mixer and get compliments on the sound all the time. From the research that I have been doing, the Mixtrack Pro is geared toward entry level and home user. Behringer always gives well thought out, user friendly features at a much lower cost than their competition. I have been nothing but satisfied with all of my purchases of their equipment.

  2. Me too, I’m still confusing which controller I should get.
    The Traktor Kontrol S2, Numark Mixtrack PRO, or the Behringer Studio 4A.
    Which do u recommend to beginner?

    • Thanks for the comment. The Mixtrack Pro has been the most popular for beginners due to it’s ease of operation, but don’t be afraid to save up for the S2 if you foresee continuing on professionally. I hope this helps!

  3. Big up to the Unique squared team! You guys are doing an hawsome job reviewing products. I am considering the NS6 but I want to find out if I can record myself within the software(Serato Itch) just like the Traktor S4.

  4. I wonder how the built in soundcard is.

    • Behringer does a great job with their soundcards, both intergrated and stand alone. I have their Xenyx X1222 mixer for my karaoke shows. A professional DJ friend of mine was very impressed with the sound quality. You just cannot get the same quality and clarity from your computer’s soundcard.

  5. I’ve heard on discussion boards on the interwebs that this controller does not have a balanced out. What does that mean? and is that bad?

    • Balanced outputs are very important in sound recording and production because it allows for the use of long cables while reducing susceptibility to external noise. Because you will likely be plugging this controller up to a mixer at your gig, there is no necessity for the long cable and external noise reduction that comes from having balanced outputs. There are clubs where a balanced output will be necessary but it all depends on the venue.

      Its not bad and in fact many controllers have unbalanced outputs or a combination of balanced and unbalanced. You will typically see balanced outputs being utilized in live PA applications and especially for bands that need to run their own amplifier and speaker setup. For a DJ controller, unbalanced outputs should not affect the sound quality of the signal you are sending but they are prone to some interference. Balanced outputs require two cables to the run the signal while unbalanced only requires one.

      Check out this blog from Phil Morse for more information:

  6. What do you reccomend this product for a intermidiate DJ like me?

    • We have not been able to get a CMD in yet to test but from the looks of it, it seems like its going to be a solid controller. What type of software do you use to DJ?

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