February 13, 2012

Numark N4 with Traktor Pro 2

This mapping may not work with the latest version of Traktor.

A couple weeks ago, we got a Numark N4 into our studio and tested it out. We used the unit with both Virtual DJ and Serato Intro, which are both included in the box. What we found is that the N4 is one of the best DJ controllers for an intro DJ looking to be able to do video DJing too. Since the N4 is built for video DJs in mind, one thing we noticed that was the availability of hotcues on the mappings for Virtual DJ and Serato Intro. We really wanted to be able to have access to hotcues when using the N4 with Traktor and built a mapping with this in mind.

To start out with a structure for the mapping, we used what Numark provided on their website for mapping the N4 with Traktor Pro 2. The N4 mapping provide by Numark was great but we immediately noticed a few things we could change here and there to make this unit more of a professional performance piece. This is in no way a bash on Numark’s mapping, it is great, but we wanted to really use the mapping ability of Traktor to make it our own. Here’s a breakdown of how the N4 is mapped to Traktor.

N4 Traktor Overlay

Transport and Mixer Section

Numark did a great job mapping all of the units main functions to Traktor and we didn’t see the need to change anything there. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. All of the functions of the transport section work as they should and the Jog Wheels are able to toggle between nudge mode and scratch mode by simply pressing the “Scratch” button.

All of the EQs on the mixer section work perfectly for all 4 decks and so do the volume vaders and the X-fader. There also wasn’t any problems with the pitch functions.

Effects and Loop Section

Here is when our mapping parts ways with Numark’s. The layout of Effects are just like Traktor when using Group Effects. There is a wet/dry knob and three Effects Parameter knobs for each deck being controlled. To select the Effects, you hold down shift and rotate the parameter knob to scroll through the different Effects. The buttons below each Effect turns them on and off. When shift is held, you can turn on Effect Group 1 and 2 for each deck by selecting button below Effects 2 and 3 respectfully.

The buttons below these are for Loops. Starting from Left to Right, they are assigned as followed: Loop Size Decrease, Loop Size Increase, Loop Set, Filter On/Off. The reason we did this is because we thought it is easier to be able to scroll through your favorite Loop Sizes rather than pre-assign them and make the decision for you. The Filter On/Off button is there because of what we did with the Gain Knobs, explained a little later. When shift is held, the Loop buttons are assigned like this, again going Left to Right: Loop In, Loop Out, Auto Loop 4, Auto Loop 16.

Filter and Gain Knobs

On the original mapping there wasn’t any control of the Filter and the only function of the Gain knob was to control gain, obviously. In our mapping we made the primary function of the Gain Knob the ability to control your Filter. We made the secondary function Gain, and you can control this when the Shift button is held.


This function was an essential reason why we wanted to make this mapping. One of the problems we ran into with the N4 with Virtual DJ and Serato Intro was the inability to set and trigger Hotcues. With this mapping, we have changed that. We focused on the X-fader assign buttons 1-4. We felt that though these buttons are convenient and good to have, they weren’t convenient enough to be permanent. We made these buttons Hotcues 1-4, and when Shift is held, Delete Hotcue 1-4.

N4 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Overview UniqueSquared

One thing to note about this mapping is that it isn’t perfect, and an issue we had with making the X-fader assign buttons Hotcues is that they can only be triggered when the button is OFF, meaning there isn’t a light there. We weren’t able to figure out a work around this but will try and contact Numark and see if they can help us out.

The Mapping and Overlay PDF

N4 Traktor Mapping

Here is the folder containing the .tsi mapping and also a pdf of the overlay which you can print out and use on your N4 Plastic Overlay. Please let us know what you think about the mapping and any problems you may have. We will try and make sure we fix any major issues.