DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
March 22, 2012

Reloop Beatmix Announced

Direct from Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Reloop announced their newest prime time controller, the Beatmix.  This is a hot new 2-channel Virtual DJ controller coming with a version specifically for the Beatmix.  It boasts shiny new, ultra flat, 14cm aluminum jog wheels, designed for deadly scratching and quick browsing of tracks.  The large transport section is clean and minimal and the (3) Hot Cue panel allows triggering and remixing whilst having a double functionality via a shift layer for all control elements.

The effects and looping sections are also grouped very nicely above the large platters making it very easy to loop and tweak with ease with dedicated knobs for loop size, effect parameter, select, and filter.  There are also dedicated buttons in this area for auto loop, FX on, and the super cool Beat Mash.

Beat Mash closely emulates the popular Beatmasher effect in Traktor Pro, allowing you to chop and glitch out tracks with the simple push of it’s dedicated button, SMART.  Pitch adjust is also conveniently located on either side of this FX/Looping area on the upper, outer edge of the controller.

The rest of the layout is in typical clean, minimal, Reloop fashion, including the “Trax Encoder” for navigation and loading of your tracks; located just below the EQ/Gain and Master/Cue volume section.  The Beatmix also sports professional ASIO drivers, offering ultra low latency for tight track control and responsiveness while in the mix.

Overall the Beatmix looks delicious and it is touted as a fascinating new controller that “Newbies” and experienced DJs alike will soon familiarize themselves with. This intuitive 2-channel controller can be up and running in the mix, and in no time at all.  Here’s the goods:


  • 2-deck Virtual DJ all-in-one MIDI DJ controller
  • Integrated 4-channel USB audio interface
  • Plug’n’Play: simply connect your computer and start mixing your MP3s
  • Designed for the worldwide popular DJ software Virtual DJ
  • Extensive transport section with newly developed trigger buttons
  • Flat 14cm XL jog wheels with aluminium platters
  • Ergonomically arranged mixer/CD player design for quick and easy access
  • Classic 2-channel mixer design
  • Smooth-running 70mm pitch fader
  • Mouse-less music library management with Reloop Trax Encoder
  • Versatile controls for effects, smart looping, Hot Cues, Beat Mash and sampler
  • Designated filter dial per deck
  • Fader start feature
  • Smart loop section
  • Hot Cue section with delete button

The Beatmix is also compatible with Serato Intro, and yes, with any other software that supports MIDI.  There is no doubt that this will follow in the (soon to be) success of the Terminal Mix, much like the Kontrol S2 via S4.

At the end of the day, it is still all about the software.  Virtual DJ is highly popular and it serves as a “gateway” software to other, higher level, software like Traktor Pro and Serato Itch.  Reloop does very well due to their reliability, sexy design, and affordability.  The Beatmix is sure to be a major player this year, and depending on the price, it very well may dominate in a competitive controller market.  Hopefully we will get our hands on one soon.  When we do, we will be sure to give it a filthy test drive and share our results.  Until then, happy gigs!


  1. AndreaS says:

    Ahh that looks hot! Kinda regret now that I ordered the Mixage IE yesterday lol =P