April 4, 2012

Hercules 4-MX Review

The Hercules 4-MX is a four deck metal DJ controller that is meant to be used by computer based DJs.  On the Hercules website they say that it is meant for mobile computer based DJs but I didn’t want to imply that only wedding DJs can buy this controller because that is not the case.  I really wanted to do the blog because this is one of the controllers I learned how to DJ on.

Long before I picked up an S4 I started on a Hercules RMX that my friend owned. I borrowed it for gigs and used it until a cooler and geographically closer friend of mine picked up a 4-MX.  I remember the way the jogs felt the first time I touched them. I was a beginner to the DJ scene at the time and this controller was the nicest I had ever seen.  In this blog …