November 11, 2010

Customer Bio: DJ MooseHead

Every once in a while we receive emails from our customers thanking us for the support we provided them. Here is one that stood out.

Frank Mazzuca contacted us because he wanted to get his son a DJ Controller that is great for beginners but still fully functional for Professional gigs. He spoke to one of our Pro Sales Representatives, Scott Magno, and they both agreed that the Mixtrack was the perfect product.

“I introduce to you DJ MooseHead. Moose is my son’s nickname at school. First gig was a major success…just wanted to share the love.

PS: he loves his Numark gear!”

The best part about this story is that Marcel Mazzuca aka DJ MooseHead is only 13!

DJ MooseHead with his Numark Mixtrack

DJ MooseHead Set Up

If you have any great stories like this to share with us, please send them to our Marketing Manager, Ariff Glick, and you might be featured on our blog.


  1. My Name is Crystal from DC Computers (905) 857 7833 Bolton Ontario Canada. I specialize in new and used computer system. I set up DJ MooseHead with a laptop. I installed all his hardware and software and the installation was a bease! Very cool set up you have going there. Make sure you dont forget to invite me to one of your gigs so i can hear your tunes. Thanks for the update and im happy to see you enjoying all your new stuff and that it is all working well for you.


    Crystal Larouche @ D C Computers Inc

    1. frank says:

      Thanks Crystal….it’s nice people like you that like to help other nice people…Frank

  2. michael says:

    dj moosehead is amazing for his age im thank full that hes djing my hall party if you havent heard him you gotta

    1. frank says: