February 17, 2011

Where It All Started…

Ok so maybe not exactly where it ALL started, but definitely where the Unique Squared Mobile Studio concept really gained true momentum.

In October of 2010, Unique Squared parked its mobile recording studio (then in its infant stages) right smack at the entrance of the annual A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA. For three days and nights, beats were played and auditioned, emcees feverishly wrote and recorded vocals, and dee jays flipped and cut sounds to create the final product: The Beatz and Lyrics 2 Go (A3C Mixtape) presented by Jay Force, brought to you by Unique Squared. With artists like Senor Kaos, 4ize, and El Da Sensei, the verses on this mixtape were sure to not disappoint. Equally as essential to the listening was the production from Tall Black Guy, Rhettmatic, and D.R.U.G.S. among others. With this mixtape being spotlighted by the likes of SmokingSection and KevinNottingham, rest assured that we’ll be cooking up some more woofer syrup in the upcoming months.


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