March 4, 2011

Mobile Studio Sound(bomb)proofing

Today boys and girls, we have a picture summary on how we went from here:

Auralex Soundproofing Foam in boxes

and here:

Laying out Auralex panels

and then, with a little patience and elbow grease, got to here:

Inside The Mobile Studio Vocal Booth

and here:

Inside The Mobile Studio Control Room

Because the inside walls of our mobile studio is completely carpeted, and Auralex sound insulation is usually glued onto surfaces, we needed another method to affix the Auralex on the wall without getting glue all over it. So Amond ‘AJ’ Jackson to the rescue. His idea was: glue Auralex on to poster board > put poster board on wall > affix poster board on the wall. Let’s see how this works:

A measured poster board layout of the back wall in the control room.

While following the diagram, AJ makes the proper fit of Auralex on the poster board

Making sure every single Auralex panel is right BEFORE the gluing phase

Poster board layout for the right wall inside the vocal booth

Poster board layout for the back wall inside the vocal booth

Configuring the Auralex panels for the vocal booth

Panels for the vocal booth are cut and ready to be glued

Another view of the vocal booth layout

The sun sets while the glue sets

So while glue sets on the panels (remember to do all gluing in a well ventilated areas as it would suck to not enjoy the fruits of your labor due to passing out of noxious fumes), the inside of the studio is prepped and readied for installation.

Handling Foamtak all afternoon, we inevitably ended up with glue on our work shoes so, gotta cover up the pristine entrance to the Mobile Studio

Floor is covered, control room gear is covered, we're READY!!!

Making sure to get every last corner

The install process is officially underway

Getting every screw and nails in place

AJ, lacing the vocal booth

Getting things right

After what seemed like endless groggy days and sleepless nights, we were able to step back and look at the results with great satisfaction.

The final results

Some more results

We hope that over the coming months everyone will get to enjoy all the great musicians, producers and dee jays that The Unique Squared Mobile Studio will be working with. Let us know what you think and be sure to follow us to keep abreast of all the latest news and stops along the way.

The Unique Squared Mobile Studio